T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Oh, bugger.

I forgot to add this.

Whilst watching The Worst Witch, as mentioned, I realised that Harry Potter is basically a glorified version of it (which it's been accused of before, I think), but not only that, the characters are very very similar.  (This is in jest, HP-fans.  Don't hurt me.)  Observe:

Mildred Hubble - Ron; not particularly good at spells and a bit ditsy.  Has a certain talent for flying after a lot of practice.
Maud Warlock - by the 'best friend' reasoning, Harry; she's slightly better at the magic, but there's no direct connections there.  Mildred's the main TWW character but she's not very Harry-like.
Ethel Hallow - some bizarre hybrid of Hermione and Malfoy, as she's good at everything but also a complete bitch to Mildred... her father works for some wizardy council, I think.
Miss Hardbroom - well, blatantly Snape. :)
Miss Cackle - Dumbledore; friendly and approachable head mistress.
The flying teacher whose name I've just forgotten - ditto...
The Grand Wizard - Gilderoy Lockhart; all the women fancy him.

Okay, mostly direct links and some rather more tenuous ones.

That is all.
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