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Five years later...

...and I finally update. And considering I've not done that much, it's rather silly, really...


Thursday, as stated, I saw Paul. Which threw everything off kilter and made me disorganised, but was nice nonetheless.

Friday we met up in town, went to Coffee Republic (I needed caffeine urgently or I would quite probably have keeled over right there in the street) for a bit and then to Tesco for wiiiine and stuff for bolognese... which his mother was quite displeased about, as she'd cooked pie, potatoes and brocolli for us.

We made our bolognese and it was very very nice. We watched the usual rubbish on television (I don't even remember what) and I passed out at some point after 1.00...

Saturday we met up with Vicky in town and went to the Hill for lunch... where we stayed for the next four hours, playing on the Hangman machine. I think we spent about £15 in the damned thing, but won most of that back to keep on playing. Eventually, we shall pwn it.

Vicky and I went back to mine so I could change, before rushing out again to get to the Hippodrome for My Fair Lady... even though we very nearly didn't get there.

It was frelling brilliant. :D Amy Nuttall (she used to be in Emmerdale, apparently) as Eliza, Russ Abott (!) as Mr Doolittle, Honor Blackman (!) as Mrs Higgins, and Kevin's Dad from Harry Enfield as Col. Pickering. And the bloke playing Higgins looked scarily like Rex Harrison.

All the way through, I had a little niggling fanfic idea, which I'm hoping to be able to write soon enough for a Christmas present for someone. Come on, Muses, get your arses into gear for a change.

My favourite bits, I think, were probably:

~ Col. Pickering, after having a sash attached to him by Higgins to demonstrate what he thinks Eliza's Ascot dress should look like, doing a little dance and mincing around the stage.
~ Higgins: Where does one buy a lady's dress from these days, anyway?
Pickering: Debenham's.
H: How on Earth do you know that?
P: Everyone knows that, Higgins. It's common knowledge...
~ in that vein, good lord, the slash. :P
~ "Garrrrn."
~ Russ Abbott, in general. He's hilarious.
~ the fabulously dead-pan delivery of "Ascot Op'ning Race".
~ Higgins/Eliza OMG! Especially the ending, where I was convinced for a good ten seconds that he was going to frelling well kiss her and I nearly had a heart attack.
~ the Imperial Ball and the dancing and the loveliness *sigh*
~ Matthew Bourne's amazing choreography, especially the dancing-with-dustbin-lids-on-feet.
~ Freddy: (to passing constable) Excuse me, could you tell me where number 27a is, please?
Policeman: (looks at big, obvious house number) Er, here it is, sir...

I'll probably end up editing that later. But anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll be seeing the Matthew Bourne adaptation of Edward Scissorhands in March (:D) and will be booking tickets for Jerry Springer: the Opera and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (July showing, with Gary Wilmot as Caractacus) in the new year when I've been paid, as Vicky wants to see the latter with me. I really, really want to see the BRB production of Beauty and the Beast this Christmas, but I don't have the money... :(

Anyway, after that and some lurking at the stage door (got autographs for Amy Nuttall and Russ Abbott) I headed off towards darkstar_1984's house for her house party... but because I was cold and tired and antisocial I pretty much went straight to bed. So, yes, sorry to anyone who thought I was being moody. I don't know what was wrong with me... possibly just turning up to a house full of drunken people annoyed me because I would much rather have been at home writing up the fanfic before it fell out of my brain...

Sunday was spent watching Eastenders, White Men Can't Jump and random other crap. We had the aforementioned pie... which turned out to be a bad idea, as it made me sick last night and Paul sick this morning. I've clearly got a faster metabolism than him, which is bloody annoying considering he's thinner than me. :P So, that wasn't fun.

Doctor's appointment tonight to figure out whargwan with my periods and suchlike, even though they now seem to be evening out again... stupid body.
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