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Quick, actual update before bed.

I got the train home today (£1.50 single from Jewellery Quarter to Rowley Regis) and it took me 45 minutes to get back instead of the usual hour and a half.  This is a Good Thing, although I need to find a better place to cross the dual carriageway so I'm not walking back on myself about half a mile. It's about a 10 minute walk to the station from work (uphill, mostly) so this also means getting some exercise on a daily basis as well.  Definitely of the good.  Now I must investigate how much train/bus/metro combined passes are, as it'll probably save me some money; I'm spending random £1.60s all over the place getting to/from Bournville to see Paul.

tengirlsago and bizarrethe2nd, thanks so much for the Christmas cards!  You both have lovely handwriting and I now feel somewhat ashamed of my untidy scrawling...  Fliss, I promise, we will meet in 2006.  I shall warn all appropriate parties/universes beforehand, obviously... ;)  Though I managed to meet both beyondthebadge and thefleshfailure on several occasions without ending the world, so we may be safe. :)

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.  Amanda's off, Sandra's in, Cynthia's in for about 5 hours, and sod it, I'm going home at 3.30.  Then getting ready to go out again to meet Aisha at 6.45 before heading off to Bella Italia.

I also had a nice idea for Christmas that I shall put to Paul tomorrow: since we can't spend Christmas Day together but are meeting up on Boxing Day to go and catsit for purrr3, we should wait until then to open our mutual presents (there's one addressed to both of us from my grandmother.  Aww...) and pretend it's Christmas Day then... but we'll see.  I need to give him the stuff for his mum and brother anyway, but I'll just hold onto his presents until I see him Boxing Day so he won't have any choice. ;)

Right, I need to go to bed...  LAST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW!!
Tags: annoyances: public transport, christmas
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