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First proper update of 2006.

I'll do a "2005 in review" post or something resembling one a bit later on, assuming I can remember anything about the year. I might take the time to link to old LJ entries like I did a while ago...

For now, though, a generic update about the Day Today.

I was quite tired this morning. Had quite a strange dream about getting the train to work... I was listening to my MP3 player on the train and nearly missed my stop, and then when I did get off the train there was a ramp from the platfrom up and out through the cemetery (note to self: take camera to get some pictures for deathly_decayed, if this is possible without being arrested). I was trying to get some money out of what I thought was a cash machine, but it turned out that it only dispensed floppy discs and ink cartridges. Quite bizarre, especially considering I managed to forget my debit card this morning...

Having finally got off my fat behind to sort out my bus pass by Direct Debit (why did I not do this before? For some reason, I thought they needed two passport photos, but it turned out they didn't... and then, as it transpired, I found 8 of them in a drawer, presumably done for just such a purpose) I am now considering changing to a Centro Card. I did a few sums this morning, and the basic outcome is this:

  • using only the bus to and from work would ordinarily cost me approximately £88.00/month. That doesn't include other journeys. My bus pass is about £35.00/month, thus saving me £53.00/month.
  • using the bus and train would potentially cost me either £102.00/month (with a return) or £96.00/month (with a single, only going home by train, not to work). That doesn't include random £1.60 fares to/from Bournville. A 3-zone CentroCard is £55.00/month, which saves me £41.00/month.

Definitely worth considering. TWM have already sent me February's card, and I have to give a month's notice, so I should probably sort it out mid-January...

Anyway, enough of the maths. Today, Amanda and Cynthia and both POs are on leave. I've been here since 8.15 this morning (can't do any typing - not that I have much to do - because the P and U drives are offline again...) and Sandra arrived at her usual 9.30, just as I was carrying two reams of paper along the corridor to go upstairs. She asked if I was struggling, but then turned right into the loos rather than, like, helping me.

She then proceeded to take down all of the Christmas decorations other than the stuff in my corner and the tree, which I've since taken down anyway. She even took down the old thank-you cards and postcards from our card-pillar, (except for one, for some reason), and buggered off again at about 11.00. As Paul noted, she apparently only came in to make the office miserable rather than do any work.

(ETA: She's back now. Having a personal phone call, but back nonetheless...)

Despite this, and the fact that I couldn't sleep last night (spent four days with Paul and missed him...) I'm in a surprisingly good mood. Possibly because I found about 50p hidden in my purse, so have enough to go home by train tonight. :)

I think I did about as badly this year as I did last year...

Resolution the First
No matter how slowly, I will endeavour to re-live and revisit all of my old addictions/obsessions and get through my entire video/DVD collection, as well as ploughing through my eternal reading/viewing list. Even if it's just a couple of episodes or a film per night (new television addictions and going out being the accepted disruptions) and reading when I go to bed. I'll take a book into work, read on the bus. No more constant internet slobbing.

I tried, I suppose. Towards the end of the year, at least, I started Paul on watching Farscape, and together we worked through season 1 of both Dead Like Me and Carnivále. I rekindled Phantom through the London showing, and read a couple of Harry Potters. Other than that, rather a dismal failure...

Resolution the Second
A writing-related one. Regain my creativity. I've been managing to keep vaguely on top of Come Forward when I'm at work (slowly), but only because the thing that inspired it is in the forefront of my mind. Hence the first Resolution - if I can get back on track with old obsessions I might be able to update/finish old pieces of writing. I am always at my most inspired very late at night/early in the morning, and that's impossible, but if I can write things down when they come to me at random intervals (as I was trying to do with my post-its) it might help. Either that or I get job that'll let me work from 2pm to midnight... ;)

Failed quite horribly through the fact that my brain plainly refused to be creative. But December did see the resurfacing of my Buffy Muse and the writing of a My Fair Lady fic. So there's hope.

Resolution the Third
In that vein, get back into the fanfiction circuit. It feels like centuries since I read a piece of fic, and the Spuffy fic I was rhapsodising about, at last check, was up to 43 chapters... I last read chapter 12. Really, really far behind. And in reading, get back into writing and regain the old joy I had of fanfiction, that joy that inspired my entire dissertation.

Failed. I hadn't realised my writing had disintegrated quite so early... :(

Resolution the Fourth
Update LiveJournal more often.

Yeah, I think we can all vouch for that one... *ahem*

Resolution the Fifth
Meet more online people, both those I've already met (Eve, Sweet, Eni) and those I haven't. This might have to be on a strictly same-country basis for the moment, though one day, I will meet Katie.

I met izzles and setting_sun, nearly met bizarrethe2nd, and met lone_gunwoman for MHLive. Also met up with Eni about four times...

Resolution the Sixth
Invest in one of those UGC annual cinema passes and see lots of films. On my own, if I have to.

Didn't. Did see lots of films, though.

Resolution the Seventh
Remember people's birthdays.

You tell me... Mostly managed this through the help of Semagic, at least.

Resolution the Eighth
Honestly endeavour to organise a Most Haunted geeks live show meetup, which piggy-backs off no. 5. After that, we'll see about doing our own ghost hunt. :)

Er, well, it wasn't so much 'organised' as 'rushed and stress-filled', but it was a marvellous experience nonetheless. :D

Resolution the Ninth
When all my gallivanting around the country ends for a bit after Derek Acorah in February, start actually saving money, in the event of either visiting American online people, or moving into my own place, or things of that nature...

Yeah, I did rather fail in that one. Through no fault of my own, though...

Resolution the Tenth
Join something. Specifically, phone the City of Birmingham Choir woman and ask about auditioning, etc. If that's successful and settles down, look for amateur operatics, etc.

Failed through consistently being too terrified to phone up the audition-woman.

Resolution the Eleventh
Continue to expand musical tastes however possible.

Yup. Managed that one. Music is an easy resolution to keep.

Resolution the Twelfth
Update my bloody website.

Yeah, um, that didn't really happen, did it?

Resolution the Thirteenth
Take camera with me wherever I go, within reason.

Another failure.

Yeah. I suck. But probably, given the circumstances, I have a good excuse. Brain = broken.

Enough of that. I'll make some more when I've done my lowdown. For now, I'd better sign this off and do some more photocopying. Yay, toner.
Tags: best laid plans, resolutions, sandra-gate, work: child protection
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