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Right. Photo of skirt, before I forget.

Internet's still bost. This may be a sign to change ISPs.

Er, that's about it, really.

Oh, no it's not. More fun at work yesterday with Sandra.

Tina H came over to drop some SHAO typing off for me to do (one of their Chairs was having an 'urgent' day, for some reason, and their latest typist is off sick after four days of work; I'm almost tempted to offer to work both offices. Almost.) and said what Tina R had been saying to her about Shafiq's workload... and she's apparently told Tina R what me and Cynthia have been saying to her about it... basically that Shafiq's saying he's only 6 weeks behind, when we know otherwise.

The actual phrasing went something like this when she was telling us this:

Tina H: Yes, but Cynthia and Becky have both told me differently, and what reason would they have to lie?
Sandra: [sceptically] Well...

So she's implying I'm a liar now? Charming!

And then, after Tina'd gone and Cynthia was ranting away about this (because Tina's broken our confidence on things we've told her in supervision, and mentioned our names to Tina R), I was all for joining in the conversation, until Sandra told me to "turn around please, this is private"

I was very close to saying "if you've got something to say, you can say it to me as well", since I suspect she was bitching again about me telling Tina H about Shafiq's backlog. Which affects my own workload, thank you very much, so she should keep her nose out of it. But instead, stunned as usual by her behaviour, I turned around.

Whatever. I'm past caring now.

In a slightly more bizarre twist on things, Cynthia is now referring to me as "my girl". Which is strange. She's used it twice now to refer to me.

Anyway. It's cold in here, as usual. I have my hospital appointment this afternoon, and then my final counselling appointment at 4.30. I need to get insoles for my trainers. That is all.
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