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1) Is flatline2010 dead sexy? I'd ask Denise if I were you...
2) What do you disagree with rachel2205 about? Religion, probably.
3) Does 87wt2gxq7 drink? He's never at an MGM long enough to find out. :P
4) Is herringprincess an emo? Only occasionally.
5) Is pandorasblog athletic? Not really.
6) Is izzles single? She's the least single person I know.
7) What is cloudjuice's shoe size? 6...?
8) Does izzles go to your school? Heh, no.
9) What would collie_wing think of midnight__gypsy?  I'm sure they'd get along just fine despite the lack of common interests.
10) Have you ever dated broken_sticks? Nope.
11) Are translucent and flatline2010 going steady?  Tee hee.  No.
12) What would you do if frightened died? Cry a lot, then discover she didn't invite me to her funeral...
13) What planet should ikkaroido be from? The distant, peaceful land of Lodbertia.
14) Do you think metalmikey666 is hot? Ask rubytitania... ;)
15) Is darkstar_1984 introverted or extroverted? I think it depends on the situation, but from what I've seen, extroverted.
16) Would you set up jackiesjottings and cloudjuice?  Probably not...
17) Does ikkaroido have a big secret? Not as far as I know.
18) Did thescruffydog break up with you? Nah.
19) Has falling_softly dyed their hair? He's had it dyed FOR him.
20) pandorasblog's hair color? Brown.
21) What is frightened's favorite game? Nethack.
22) Has joetimewaster been to your house/dorm? Outside of it, yes.
23) Does broken_sticks have a dog? Nope.
24) If collie_wing were hanging off a cliff, what would legs11 do?  Probably spout off some pop culture reference about someone hanging off a cliff, and tell her how to wear her hat properly.
25) What would legs11 do differently in your shoes? He probably wouldn't be dating yoshi...
26) If frightened was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? George Bush, Tony Blair, and the BNP.
27) What exotic animal would marz109 like as a pet? A tiger...
28) If broken_sticks and roosevelt were siamese twins, where would they be joined?  The hip.
29) Is rachel2205 a college student? Yus.  In a sense.
30) Would darkstar_1984 and beyondthebadge make a good couple?  Ha!  I don't think so.  At least one of them has her sights set on John Crichton. ;)
31) Would frightened go out with metalmikey666?  In another universe, maybe...
32) What rank would rubytitania have in a giant robot army? The Law. :)
33) When did you last call falling_softly? Gawd, about two years ago, to organise a trip to see Cats...
34) One quality you find attractive in thescruffydog? The way he puts his children first.
35) Could you see collie_wing and beyondthebadge together?  Not in a bazillion years.
36) Does ikkaroido have a crush on miss_scooter?  Well, you never know... ;)
37) What word best describes sweeterthing? Sweet.
38) What is sweeterthing allergic to? Cat hair.
39) If joetimewaster and frightened were spliced together, what would be its name?  Mecha-politico-geek.
40) Is bizarrethe2nd related to midnight__gypsy?  No.
41) Is beyondthebadge a nerd? In some ways... :)
42) Have you flirted with thescruffydog? Probably unintentionally via _mhotp_-esque ramblings.
43) Where was yoshi born? Birmingham
44) What animal does last_dance remind you of? She doesn't, really...
45) Is joetimewaster a high school student? Nope.
46) Do you have a crush on legs11? Nope.
47) Where was darkstar_1984 born? Again, probably Birmingham.
48) Is beyondthebadge 1337? If I say 'yes', she'll say 'I am?', so.. no.
49) falling_softly's eye color? Brown.
50) What is roosevelt's favorite movie? Anything with Alan Rickman.
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