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When Good Doors Go Bad.

So, yes, I'm not at the cinema.  As you may have noticed. Or not.  Paul has come down with the lurgy again and now I'm not seeing him til Monday.  But on the plus side, that'll be 9 months, and will hopefully be less aggravating and OMG-drama than 8 was.  We'll see.

In reference to the subject: as I was going down for my dinner about an hour or so ago, my door got caught on my slipper.  When I tried to jerk my foot to get it out, I brought the door with it, straight into my temple.  It even made my teeth judder.  I now have a lovely little lump there, and it hurt for about 15 minutes.  They do say more accidents occur in the home...

Sandra was off today, and Amanda's been off sick all week, so it was just me and Cynthia in the office, which was nice.  Quiet.  Productive.  I'm currently doing some typing for SHAO (did I mention this? I don't remember) and had a lovely email off Sue Stokes this afternoon.  She's something of a perfectionist and I've been paranoid, whilst typing said minutes, that she'd demand ridiculously petty corrections on them... but instead, the email said "it's a pleasure working with you. Your minutes were perfect!".

...Call this job satisfaction?

Well... yeah, g'wan then. It's nice to get mostly unwarranted praise sometimes.  And really, it is unwarranted; I'm not good, I'm just better.  I know what I'm doing, and I do it without any hassle.  I think at the moment, that's worth a lot.

There was another curiosity earlier, but I'm not sure if it was my imagination making more of it than what really happened... a letter got returned to us claiming the address didn't exist, and it transpired that Cynthia had written it down wrong (she'd put 79 instead of 76 as the house number; not sure how, probably got the wrong thing off the Social Worker...) so I'd typed it on the letter wrong.  It took us a while to find the convening list to find out why because - as usual - there's no file for me to put the copies of the letters into because it's awaiting transfer from SHAO (along with about 15 others...), but I eventually found it in my distributions pile...  Anyway, she said something to the effect of this:

"I know there's a convening list for this one, because I gave it to Sandra..."

...in such a manner as to imply she should've damn well done it in the first place and not fobbed it off onto me.  So clearly she's been noticing.

Hm.  Anyway, this was delayed due to watching My Name Is Earl, which is shaping up to be quite entertaining...
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