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The video-replacing could take a while...

Was just investigating on Amazon to see how much getting stuff on DVD would set me back... Several problems, really.

Frasier has only been released up to season 4 that I can see, so no chance of a full, 10-season boxset release any time soon, and it'll probably be horrendously expensive when it happens since the individual serieses are about £35 each.

DS9 and Voyager have full-season sets out, but they're both £450. Four hundred and fifty quid! I mean, I want them, but they're not worth that much. Way to sponge off the die-hard Trekkies, you capitalist bastards...

The Nanny only has seasons 1 and 2 released on the UK site, and they're only in Region 1. I'm not holding out much hope for a British release, so they'll have to wait until I get a multi-region player...

Friends DVD sets are still dirt-cheap in Asda, so I'll probably get them as and when. Not particularly high on my priorities at the moment...

Carnivale and Dead Like Me's season 2s will hopefully be getting a UK DVD release soon. I may splurge on that Twin Peaks set, though... anyone got a clue if Season 2 was going to get a release in the end or not? Originally the sales were low so they weren't going to bother, or so I heard...

I'll investigate stuff like South Park and Pokémon (the videos were a rip-off; we want full-season box sets, please) later... and, ooh, that reminds me that they had ALL the Looney Tunes on DVD in HMV last year...

But in summary, this sucks quite a lot. But I think I'd like to make a start on getting Frasier first, because I caught some of season 1 last night on Paramount and had forgotten how wonderful it was. :D Looks like it'll be a box-set per month for a while... it's more fun collecting that way, anyway, and honestly, the level of geekiness I used to have is pretty much going to be condensed to Burton-stuff, because it's all marvellous. Maybe Farscape just because it deserves it...

So, yeah. Will have a look tonight, compare prices in HMV tomorrow night in town, and see. I get paid tomorrow, anyway.

Yes. There'll be a real entry later. I just wanted to vent about the stupidity of DVD releases for a bit.
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