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Things that are Aggravating, Things that are Good, and Things that are Strange.

The fact that I've been trying to book tickets online for Jerry Springer: The Opera since lunchtime and our crappy BCC internet connection refuses to load the damn pages and so does AOL because it's a complete bastard.  I've asked my mother to book them for me tomorrow, but I'll try it again first thing tomorrow morning at work when the entire council and its dog aren't trying to access their online email or whatever.

Despite both my Matalan and Amazon money being paid out of my account, I'm still £142 in credit.  But my rent and ticket-buying will kill that pretty swiftly, alas...

I had a dream about Harry Potter last night.  I would ordinarily filter my dreams but this one doesn't need much interpreting... though quite why I'm dreaming of Harry Potter, I don't know.  From what I remember, they were all in about their fifth year (they all looked about 16 or so, and this was movieverse) and had to undertake some kind of project, either in small groups or individually (that wasn't particularly clear).  Harry had, for some reason, asked Snape for advice on his project, and Snape had shown him to a Top Secret Room in a bit of the castle that only he had the key for.  There was a lock on the door that was specifically designed "to make sure the ghost was locked in", but I have no idea why... I've neve heard of a ghost-proof lock, either, but there we go.

So Harry found whatever it was he was looking for, and then Ron and Hermione came to look for him, and they were a couple... in fact, they were a very couply couple indeed.  Hermione was wearing a pale blue jumper, too.  I don't know why that's relevant, but it sticks in my memory.

I am quite confused by this dream because a) I'm not remotely obsessed with Harry Potter, as it's mostly just a passing interest and b) I don't know enough about it to even ascertain my favourite 'ship, though I understand that Ron/Hermione is a popular one.

So, yeah.  That was odd.
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