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I wasn't tagged, either.

Stolen off yoshi.

Seven things to do before I die

1. Go to America.
2. Go to Egypt
3. Get something published
4. Become the size and shape I want to be
5. Go to all those other places I want to go to
6. Emigrate
7. Have enough money.

Seven things I cannot do

1. Dance
2. Think logically and in a sane fashion
3. Find enough self-worth in myself to achieve any of the above (including the first list)
4. Draw well
5. Watch horror films in cinemas without being paranoid for a week
6. Tell people how I feel about them
7. Think of a seventh thing.

Seven things that attract me to people (in vague order of preference)

1. Eyes
2. Hands
3. Height; I don't want a crick in my neck, thank you
4. Personality within the first ten minutes
5. Common interests, but not too many
6. An ability to spell, articulate and use correct grammar whilst doing so
7. Everything else...

Seven things I say

1. "Jeeeeans."
2. "Yeah, but..."
3. "Sooo, yes."
4. "Um"
5. "Like", which I really need to stop using.
6. "That was quite random."
7. "Oooooh, pretty."

Seven books that I love

1. The Howen, Roger Stevens
2. Phantom, Susan Kay
3. Beauty, author temporarily forgotten
4. First Love, Last Rites, Ian McEwan
5. Damn, that thing I read at Uni whose name I never remember. Union Street, that's the one, author also forgotten.
6. The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown
7. Love of Fat Men, Helen Dunmore

(The first three are three that I keep going back to again and again; the others were things I read at Uni, school, or very recently.)

Seven movies that I've loved

(only seven??)

1. Sunset Boulevard
2. Amélie
3. Nightmare Before Christmas
4. Labyrinth
5. Moulin Rouge
6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
7. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

(that's not even an eighth of it.)

Blah. Real update later, probably. I need to explain the latest office fiasco.
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