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Nothing very exciting.

I did an entry this afternoon at work, because I was losing the will to live...

It's going to be one of those weeks.  At the moment, Cynthia appears to have lost the will to live and is reading a magazine.  I'm quite close to joining her. I've done 4/5 of the Asylum Team typing and am now beginning to wish I'd extended Shafiq's backlog a bit further because the potential for no work at all is on the horizon.  Ah, well.  At least I got some time out of it.

Tina R just phoned to ask our Chairs to cover meetings at GCH again becuase one of their new Chairs is off sick.  Funny how when our Chairs are off sick we're just expected to rearrange the meetings.  We're basically being penalised for GCH staff being rubbish at their jobs.  Yay for that.

I'm not looking forward to sending these minutes to Maxine after what happened last time.  If she gets arsey with me again over something stupid, I'm going to flat out refuse to help them again.  And honestly, who the HELL puts the agenda IN the minutes, anyway? That's just insane, not to mention a waste of resources.  At least she's stopped listing the frelling recommendations and then REPEATING them as the agreed tasks.  NOBODY ELSE does this.

Tina H is avoiding us. We've all emailed about taking leave next week on various days to no response, and she hasn't rung us except to look for Amanda since we received that email the other day.  I suspect she's avoiding us.  Well, sorry, it won't have blown over by the time my supervision rolls around, and she's going to know that I'm not happy about the decision about my 'responsibility'.

We - well, they - had a conversation earlier about going to possibly see a psychic that Cynthia's recommended, and Sandra's being a complete idiot about it.  TBH, she's a complete idiot most of the time, but the thought of seeing a psychic alongside her isn't particularly appealing.  I might go on my own, though.  Could be interesting.

So, yes, just writing this to stem the boredom, before I lose the will to live entirely...

Several hours later...

We just spent 10 minutes playing I-Spy.  It works better when you're not in an office...  Highlights included:

~ Cynthia, whose word began with a C (it was "calendar"), getting the desperate guess of "kettle" off Amanda.
~ me getting Amanda's T of "thermometer"
~ my I ("in-tray") being guess as both "'ighlighter'" and "bin - without the B?"... it's not that obscure, is it?

At least it provided a moment's brief hilarity, anyway...

Back to work, I suppose.

So, yes, not that exciting, really.

It took me slightly longer to get home today than I would like.  I left work at 5.30 and got back at 6.45, due to train stupidity.  It was delayed by 10 minutes and subsequently rammed (mostly because it was only two carriages long - nice planning there, Centro) and then another one turned up 5 minutes or so later that was empty.  The bus wasn't too bad.  Also, the lights in the tunnel just before the station weren't working, so there was a big, spooky chasm to the right...

We're having enchiladas for dinner. :)

Going to Paul's tomorrow so will update on Thursday, assuming anything exciting happens, which it probably won't.  We're still working through Twin Peaks so should at least get up to episodes 2 and 3 tomorrow night.  It's not like there's anything on telly.
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