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Okay, LJ.

I appreciate that you're trying to make the site more secure. But you have caused annoying problems at the same time:

1. My custom mood theme has stopped working. I've read similar problems occurring on the support pages and they all state that this is due to the image URLs starting with a capital 'H'. Er, no. Mine did not, because I built it using the console before the web interface went live, and this problem only seems to have occurred in the last week or so. The web interface also refuses to update; yes, even if I let all the pictures load. Please fix it.

2. My S1 style overrides have also stopped working because of the new security settings, despite the fact that the code is all correct and uses, basically, what you advise on your frelling FAQ pages. I don't want to use S2, because I can't customise as much as I'd like using the web interface and I'm not prepared right now to learn an entirely new style system when the one I have works just fine, and pushing out the archaic, old-school users, even inadvertently, is not on.

I'm quite tempted to email them, actually, because surely the more people bring up this point, the quicker it'll get resolved. I hate emailing support, though, because they usually send you an automated response until you bug them enough that they read it properly...

So, currently quite annoyed about this, as my journal layouts take a lot of time to do, as did my mood theme, and the fact that neither of them are working is really not very amusing.

In other news, I need to take a trip to the jewellery quarter today, because if I don't I'll never get the thing I need to do done in time. It would help if I had the thing in question with me, of course. Never mind. I'll just be information-gathering today, and can hopefully sort it all out on Friday.


Edit, a few seconds later. OKay, the style codes aren't broken after all. But it's the principle of the thing, as other people have also complained about this. Unless they just fixed it in the past ten minutes...
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