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Okay, Jerry Springer: The Opera write-up (plus leaflets!) coming much later, because my brain isn't functioning fast enough to do it now.  I think my body's catching up with all the sleep I threw at it on Wednesday.  I must say, it would have been interesting if I'd fallen asleep at my desk.  One good thing to come out of being on leave (of many, I might add) is that I didn't have to put up with Sandra whinging about not getting any Valentine's on Tuesday.

On that note, Paul's a big softy, whether he put thought into his message or not. :)  Some photos of the candlesticks and thumb piano he got me coming in a bit... when my MP3-er's finished uploading stuff.

Some of that stuff is the entire of I Am A Bird Now by Antony & the Johnsons, which I've finally gotten around to listening to.  It's very very good, and I highly recommend it to everyone.  I'm not entirely sure what genre it would come under, but it's amazing.  It also features the voices of Boy George and Rufus Wainwright, amongst others, and it's well worth a couple of listens... if only because I think it takes several to fully appreciate it.  He's been compared to Nina Simone and that's not far off the mark.  A very interesting album.

For some reason, both of my feet keep cramping up horribly and then take ages to stop.  My right one does it more frequently because that's the one I broke the bone in, and getting trainers with built-in suspension has really helped (especially when I ran for a bus and my foot didn't cramp up afterwards) but this has been ongoing since about 7.00 this evening and it's very annoying.  Not to mention painful, and in both feet... though luckily, not simultaneously.  Body, kindly stop being annoying.

I think that's about everything, actually.  Except that I need to get the Jerry Springer DVD so I can make (animated) icons. :D
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