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Application form is done and dusted.  I'll send it off via email first thing tomorrow morning.  I probably won't take the job because the money'll be significantly less, it turns out, even though it IS incredibly tempting - that's assuming I even get it, of course - but the interview experience will be useful.  Tina H is coming over tomorrow and she's going to get a bit of a shock to discover everyone's applying for jobs all over the place... ;)  But, you know, when in Emor, do as the Snamor do.  Or something.

I think I've managed to sell my complete lack of experience as more than it actually is, at least, so that's something...

Have made the executive decision to upgrade my computer after I'm paid.  That'll be £200 or thereabouts, hopefully.  Will also get the MP3-player I want (£160 from Dixons, I think), and then pay my mum £150 in April (then there's only £150 left that I owe her of the £600 that she bailed me out with) and then work on getting back in credit again.  She bought a new PC yesterday because hers finally gave up the ghost completely, and now I'm jealous... plus, I'm sick of being scannerless, and want to use my pretty new 17" monitor...  I'm aiming to keep my DVD-ROM and CD-R because they're both fine, and get a DVD-R in addition - the CD-R will be faster, and I can still do direct copies of CDs - two at once!  I'll be getting more RAM, because you can't do anything with 128MB, so that'll most likely be 512MB.  I'm getting a faster processor that can actually cope with WinXP (this one was built for Win98...)... and I think that was about it, actually.  Possibly a new casing unless Stephen can get the old network card out - it's taking up a PCI slot and I wanted to get a video capture card at some point.  The only trouble with the University PC place was they built the damn things never to come apart again...  My current HDD is 60GB, which is more than enough, so that'll probably remain.

The only bits of this computer that are original, actually, are the floppy drive, the casing, the processor, and the internal Zip drive, which is actually older than the PC and still working just fine.  The original CD-ROM died about three years ago and was replaced with a CD-R, then a DVD-ROM was put in, and I had the HDD upgraded and the soundcard changed and all nice stuff like that, and all for free, which is the wonderful thing about remaining friends with exes who build PCs for fun. :D

Why not just buy an entirely new PC, you ask?  I hate XP Home Edition, and there's nothing wrong with my hard drive.  That's why.  Plus, this is probably cheaper.  And I'm stubborn and difficult because I want three drives in instead of one, and that'll cost more money, and they'll have to put in the Zip, which'll cost even more.  And various other reasons.

We may also be changing ISPs very soon, so hurrah for being rid of AOSmell.  It looks like Wanadoo is the way forward at the moment.

Other than the above, I've achieved nothing this evening except packing for the weekend, which will be full of Farscape and Friday night comedy.

On that note, I'd better go to bed, before my sillly mood gets any sillier.
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