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A poll, and a little message.


Hope you had a lovely day!  Sorry I couldn't get a card to you on time, but I've been swamped in birthdays this month!  If I'd managed to read your journal  before today I could also have arranged for the helium balloon you wanted, but alas, I was too late...

So, I've booked Friday off as flex because it's MGM-day, and because I need to go to the hairdresser to get my layers re-defined and have an overall trim.  I'm also going to get it dyed professionally for a change, back to black.  The original plan was to buy one box of black dye and dye from the roots down, leaving the tips red, but the red has gone a sort of insipid auburn so it won't look as interesting as I planned.  So it's back to black.

My mum bought some ceramic curling tongs recently that I haven't been brave enough to play with yet (they'll be useful come Rocky-time.  No more drag queen wig for me!) so I'm quite tempted to have my hair tonged when I get it cut rather than straightened like I usually do.

I put this to the public vote...

What should I do this time?


Yes, I am very indecisive.

I've made the posters for work, but I'll write up the dream tomorrow after I've tried to write it down later, possibly when I go to bed.  I was going to have a shower, but will wait until tomorrow because the room's only just warmed up and I don't want to move again...

Right, now I'm going to set about backing up all of my pictures onto a CD in preparation for the Big Upgrade...
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