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Creativity, woo!

So, I've backed up all of my pictures and fonts and random bits from My Documents, and then went through old Zip discs (as you do) to see what was on them.  I found a whole bunch of old MSN/YIM conversations with Naomi, in one of which we discuss how to make a Farscape silent movie.  I may transpose that one at some point, because it's funny...

Anyway, in doing so, I also found this rather wonderful picture of Stark's mask, which I must have snurched from somewhere to help her draw it for the Farscape Horror Show artist's impression (which is unfortunately no longer online due to dead webspace, I believe...):

As a result, I also made two icons out of it.  Up for grabs with keyword credit, as usual.

I'll probably be using the 'hidden talents' one...
Tags: fandom: farscape, icons & layouts
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