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I hate mornings.

I woke up today with sunlight pouring into my room for the first time in ages. Winter sunlight, more white than bright, but sunlight nonetheless. Unfortunately, it's far too cold to even entertain the notion that it might be nearly Spring. Bored of Winter now. Want heat, please.

Anyway, I scribbled my dream down last night and will type it up later. I took my posters downstairs this morning with all good intentions of bringing them in, and then managed to leave them on the kitchen table. Hurrah. Also completely forgot to a) take my SJW and b) put my other one in my lunchbox. I am rubbish.

I also have no work to do, so I'm hoping someone comes in to give me something at some point, though it's looking unlikely.

Quite looking forward to my flex day on Friday. Long weekend, yay!

Anyway, I have nothing more of interest to say, and there probably won't be any photos or anything remotely exciting until the computer's upgraded because I'm trying not to save anything to my hard drive that'll only get deleted again. Not that there was anything remotely exciting here to begin with, but anyway...

New icon, woo.

Tomorrow, Paul and I are going to the Yard of Ale to win lots of money from their ITBox. We got quite a bit out of it on Christmas Eve, too. This will mean, of course, braving the Bloody Football, although the Yard doesn't have a big screen, per se, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad.

Someone needs to create one very large room with a bar and a couple of screens in which to place football fans during the World Cup. No offence to any of the footy fans on my f-list (I know there are a couple of you, and you're all perfectly acceptable), since you're nowhere near as bad as the rampaging maniacs around here who make my life a living Hell of shouting and lariness when there's any type of sport on. Aside from the fact that they invade my favourite pubs and make me not want to drink there, and generally ruin the atmosphere. Even when there ISN'T a screen in there, which is even more annoying.

Mind you, I was quite impressed by the majority of places last St George's Day, when they refused to let anyone in who was wearing a football shirt. They should definitely do that during the World Cup. *nods*

It's not like we're going to win anyway. *ducks*

You don't get the level of violence and moronic behaviour with any other sport, do you? You don't see the fans at Wimbledon causing riots, and you don't get snooker fans getting off their faces and kicking off in pubs, so why do the footy fans do it all the time?

Beautiful game, my arse. It's ugly, it's pointless, it's stealing my boyfriend, and it's pretty much the sole reason that Victoria Adams/Beckham was ever allowed to breed. That's an entirely different rant, but related nonetheless.

Having suitably annoyed you all, I shall now disappear, with my loathing for football still intact, before you all stone me or something.
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