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So, I left work early today.  I was going to do ridiculous hours today and tomorrow to get some flex, but since, by some miracle, I'm up an hour as of last week (I have no idea how I managed that with mostly late mornings and leaving at the time I'm supposed to, but anyway, not complaining) I'm not going to bother.  And if I continue feeling as awful tomorrow as I have today, I may not go in at all...

Since yesterday evening (since taking my salbutamol, anyway) my chest has been awfully tight.  I'm not wheezing, but it's very difficult to breathe, and taking more salbutamol isn't helping.  Today, having conversations was leaving me out of breath, not to mention the going up and down stairs to photocopy things.

I left at 4.30 - was meant to be 4.15 but I got distracted by Liz Davis' printing problems - and got the bus to the train station (a 15-minute walk) and was back for 5.30ish.

I'm going to take a bath with some Olbas Oil in the hopes that it'll work.  I used to OD on Olbas as a kid so hopefully I'm not completely immune to it.

Stupid body.
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