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Some good things.

Despite feeling rubbish today, here are some very good things.

1. I appear to have lost another 3lb without even trying.  I'm down to 10st.

2. My Animalympics video arrived. :D  Which I'm sure broken_sticks will be quite pleased about.

3. My mood theme works again.  And I keep forgetting just how frelling cool it is.  See!

4. My plan for my mum's birthday will be possible after all, since David wasn't thinking that far ahead.  So, I should be able to take her to see Les Misérables in London this August, and spend some time in the capital while I'm at it.  Which has all sorts of possibilities for meeting people and shopping and taking pictures and generally having a nice time.  Hurrah.

5. Paul's been invited for the testing stage of the job he applied for recently that pays ridiculous money.  So yay for that.

6. I'm being cooked for tonight, by virtue of the fact that if I stand up for too long I can't bloody breathe...

7. I forgot to mention on the previous post that I only used my specific Swircle-mentioning "I PWN N3M0!" icon because I haven't mentioned the Swircle in ages, and hence haven't had a chance to use the icon.  Which isn't so much a good thing as... a fact.

That's about it.
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