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Well, everything server-related is working again this morning... except, of course, my email. I'm on BCCMail01. You'd think they'd fix the first server, um, first.

My slim hope that they might have extended the closing date on the job/s I was going to apply for - due to the website being non-functional yesterday - was dashed to the rocks. Having still heard nothing about the one in Legal, I'm really not holding out much hope. I'm hereby giving up on the finding-a-new-job front for at least another couple of months. It's not worth the bloody energy expenditure.

Amanda and Cynthia are on a minute-taking training day thingy today (hence the making-a-map on Monday) so it's just me and Sandra today. Oh, joy. I need to phone Tina H and tell her/ask her if I can have half of next Tuesday and all of Wednesday as flex/annual leave, since my email's blantantly not going to be accessible this side of 2007...

Also, wow, I'd forgotten how annoying getting three buses was. Which is really quite bad, considering I've only been getting the train into work (via town - the bus is marginally more reliable the other way) for about a week...

This morning I had a very strange dream; I can't be bothered to do another post about it, so I'll stick it under a cut. This was only about 20 minutes long, since I had it between my second and third alarms going off. It started off as a school trip of some description, except all of the class were Inliners. rubytitania and metalmikey666 were there (and they still a couple), as well as me, Paul and broken_sticks. We'd all gone swimming, and the pool was huge and had random pillars dotted through it that went straight up to the ceiling. It was vaguely reminiscent of a pool I dreamt about years ago. I can't really remember much of that, except that our costumes - for all of us - were either red or cerise pink.

We finished swimming and everyone got ready to go home again, since it was apparently the last lesson of the day, and also a Thursday. Everyone started discussing what they were going to do next, I think, though this bit's rather a blur. rubytitania and metalmikey666 and a load of others had decided to go and find some food and were heading off through what was apparently the Bull Ring (but looked nothing like it - I've dreamt about this before as well; it's a shopping centre that's X-shaped), and broken_sticks had stayed behind to chat to me... I have no idea where everyone else was, and Paul seemed to have buggered off as well. :P

I remember a bit where I was getting a bus past my grandmother's old house - possibly this is because yesterday I was trying to find it on GoogleMaps - and went into a newsagent to buy some sweets.


Okay, Sandra just walked in. I swear the room just got physically colder... No, I'm not kidding.


Where was I? Oh, yeah. Then I think it jumped back to post-swimming, or I'm just remembering it wrong, but either way, because it was a Thursday, that meant it was late opening night, so I decided to go to H&M to buy the corset I saw in there on Saturday - which I did actually see on Saturday, incidentally, and will be getting if I have a chance to go there pre-Rocky. I got to H&M and it had all been refurbished. It had originaly only been on one floor, but they'd opened up the basement/second floor, and even though it was a bit rough and ready and not decorated, the stock had all been put in place nonetheless.

This is when it gets a bit strange. I seemed to be simultaneously in the shop and on my computer browsing an online catalogue. The main floor of the store was well-lit and as one would expect a clothing store to be, and then there was a sign directing you downstairs to the 'new bit', where they'd unearthed a load of labyrinthine corridors and rooms down in the cellar...

I went down the stairs and spent 10 minutes wandering around past locked, red, steel doors and big lifts, trying to find the new stock room. I remember the first time I went down another set of stairs and around lots of corners to find a room that was still in the process of being dug out, and at this point there was a reporter and photographer following me around, assuming I knew where I was going. The reporter wasn't very impressed that I'd basically found a hole in the ground and told the photographer to take pictures "of the homeless people" (???), even though it was empty. I don't entirely understand that bit.

I retraced my steps and this time, I discovered a big concrete ramp that led up another half-level (though I was still in the cellar). I followed the passageway around to the right a couple of times, and then discovered all the new stock. The room was just like the others - bare walls and temporary lighting - but the stock was all new. This is where the online catalogue came into play, except everything was represented by simple pictures that looked like little embroideries...

Then, a messenger box popped up. It was a message from Eni and it read "avem, avem, avem - what's that about?" avem (no capital A) was someone I used to know via the Rocky Horror chatroom aeons ago, and I was explaining this to Eni in the message, and what 'avem' actually meant. I have no idea why she was mentioning it, either. But at that point, my alarm went off anyway.

The whole thing left me feeling quite uneasy, for some reason, probably because it didn't really end properly... COnsidering it was so fragmented, I'm surprised at how much I remember.

Sandra has now gone away again to minute a combined meeting for six children. And, as usual, she hasn't said a single word to me all morning. Ho-hum. At least I can do my work in peace without one of her annoying phonecalls going on in the background.

Oh, and this morning I was rung by Chris Wilson at Silvermere. He Chaired a meeting for us the other week and I typed the minutes for him yesterday and faxed them over (due to being without email) for amending. There was only one amendment, and he was incredibly impressed. My reputation now extends further. :)
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