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Today's post was brought to you by the letter C, and the number 10.

Before I start running around again trying to get ready, this is for/from jackiesjottings.  Comment on this and give me a letter, or request a letter.  Then name 10 things that start with that letter and why you chose them/why they're important to you.

Jackie gave me the letter C.  Which was really quite fortuitous. :)

1. Catatonia - this was the first band, back in about 1997, that I ever dared to call my favourite.  The reason this came about was because a friend dared me to buy the single, "Mulder and Scully", which had just come out, since I was quite thoroughly buried in my X-Files obsession at the time.  She didn't believe I'd sink quite that low, but I did.  And then I heard "Road Rage" a few months later and liked it, and, well, the rest is history.  I love Catatonia.  Their lyrics are amazing, obscure, intelligent, topical, and often downright random.  Plus, I think Cerys Matthews has one of the most amazing and diverse voices I've ever heard.
2. Cats - more so than the animal, the musical, which has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Before I knew it was even a musical, I remember being 8 years old, listening to the cassette recording at my father's house, dancing like a maniac (this was back in the days when I had rhythm and entertained notions of being a ballerina, most likely...)  This is perhaps why it means so much to me.  I saw it when it toured for the first time and from that moment on I was in love.  I never did get my front row seats in London, alas, but when I did see it there it only set further into concrete the obsession...  Also, it transpires that my parents saw the London production in May (or March?) 1981, and since I wasn't born until October, my mother was definitely pregnant with me at the time.  I blame her for my embryonic infiltration into musicals in general. :)
3. Capital - London, specifically.  I find London to be one of the most fascinating, diverse, beautiful cities in the world, and I'm so glad there's a cheaper way to get there these days.  I love the Underground in a way that only non-Londoners can appreciate, and, of course, it's the home of my other passion of musicals.  I also love Paris for similar reasons, with a healthy dose of Phantom of the Opera thrown in for good measure.  I could quite happily live in either London or Paris regardless of income, as long as I had pretty cityscapes to look at...
4. Chris Carter - the creator and executive producer of The X-Files, which took over nine years of my teenage life.  Everyone should be incredibly glad that I didn't have a livejournal during this period, because it would have been entirely filled with X-squee that I unfortuntaely subjected on all of my friends instead...
5. Compact Discs - music, more specifically.  Without music, I would probably go insane.
6. Choir - I have been in a choir since the age of 10, pretty much non-stop except for school holidays.  I haven't been in one since I left Derby Choral Union in my final year (save for a couple of concerts at Uni and some Taizé/Graduation Service help for the chaplaincy), and I'm now starting to notice the difference in my voice.  I keep telling myself I'm going to rejoin one, but I've been perpetually too useless to telephone the woman from the City of Birmingham Choir to ask about joining.  Being in a choir has been such a defining part of my life, and I've always found singing - especially as a soprano - to be incredibly therapeutic.
7. Creative Writing - this would have been more of a passion a few years/months ago, but since my brain took a nose-dive, it's sort of withered and shrivelled up.  It was always my best and favourite subject in school, and 20% of my degree was in the subject.  I've wanted to be a writer since I was 6, and I've always - always - maintained that I will be, one day.  Alas, that 'one day' keeps seeming further and further out of my grasp, and I'm very close to giving up on the idea completely - something I never thought I'd say or do.  Writing is - was - about the only thing I ever had any real talent for.
8. Childhood Nostalgia - there's nothing like a good bit of nostalgia when you're feeling like the future is a terrifying place to be heading towards, or even when the present is too depressing to deal with.  In my case, it tends to have a knock on effect of making the present even more depressing, but it's fun while it lasts...  I also remember everything, usually stuff that nobody else remembers, so bear that in mind if we ever have a deep/meaningful conversation... :P
9. Camerawork - i.e. photography.  I'm not that good at taking photos, and never have been, but having a digital camera has meant I'm taking more pictures in general, even if they're just silly ones of Paul or things I bought recently.  I wish I had the initiative to take more than I do, as there are lots of little moments I've probably lost and forgotten as a result.  I hate being out on a day trip without a camera, too, because I inevitably see something brilliant.
10. Campbell - Paul's surname, because I couldn't do this list without a mention. :)

Anyway, I'm about to head out in a bit for the gig at Scruffy's, so just killing some time as it was earlier than I thought.  Although it isn't now.

I met Raj for the first time today.  He's as camp as a row of rainbow-coloured tents, and completely straight.  He seems quite easy-going, though, so if he does end up at Ladywood it'll be nice to have him around...
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