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You all post too much.

I haven't updated/read my LJ since Thursday afternoon, so that took a while. Even without reading communities.

So, brief update. I need to write down the amazingly fantastical dream from Friday night and turn it into something interesting but will do that in a couple of days, I think...

THURSDAY saw us going to the Sinistra gig at Scruffy's, which was good. My ears were still recovering from the loudness on Saturday. The support band, Punching Judy, were also quite good (their last song was amusing, at least) and the blonde girl looked like someone I went to school with, which was bizarre...

FRIDAY was the usual, really. Didn't do much in the evening other than go home to collect the jeans I'd forgotten to pack on Thursday afternoon and watch television.

SATURDAY was spent mostly getting drunk. We decided to go to the cinema in the morning, but most things didn't start, by the time we'd got to town, until 1.30ish. So we went to Revolution and bought shots. I remember the apple ones being a lot nicer when I was in Derby, but that may be down to the fact that I was just a little bit pissed at the time.

We ended up seeing American Dreamz, which was funny, but not really that good. It was attempting to be a parody of American Idol/X-Factor/etc., and a political satire at the same time, and not really succeeding... but yeah, it passed a couple of hours and only cost us £3.50 because it was off-peak.

After that we went for a wander and ended up in Sports Cafe, where we played nine games of pool, and I lost 4 to 5. And two of them I won on my own (without Paul trying to be clever and accidentally potting the black, I mean), which was good. I also kicked his arse at air hockey. :D

Then we found ourselves at a little pub along the canal that we'd spotted during our barge trip the other week, so had a large glass of wine each in there (and outside until it got too chilly). Then, I got hungry, so we ended up in the Briar with another bottle of wine and some spaghetti bolognese before going home...

SUNDAY, by comparison, was much more sedate and sober, and mostly spent watching films. We watched Best in Show (a Crufts-like mockumentary), Disney's The Hunghback of Notre Dame (on BBC1) and 'Stenders, plus some other random things, and then went back to mine.

MONDAY (woo, bank holiday), we spent playing Scrabble. All day. Apart from a trip to the chip shop and a brief interlude to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Today I'm back in work, but only until 1.00pm, as we're seeing Rocky Horror tonight (YAY!). I need to buy bandages on the way home, and do something with my Scary Red Wig, as the fringe has gone a bit wrong...

Anyway, I need to get through a substantial amount of work before then, as I've got tomorrow off as well and will probably get more piled on top of the already huge pile during my absence...
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