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Rocky and other animals.

So. 'Twas da Rocky on Tuesday night. I wish I'd booked off the whole of Tuesday rather than just the afternoon as flex, since I was very tired by the time the whole thing finished. Anyway.

In attendance were: me as Magenta, yoshi as Rocky, my mum as Columbia (in pyjamas), David as a Transylvanian (complete with purple lacy waspie in lieu of a cummerbund), metalmikey666 as "a poor man's Riff Raff" and rubytitania in goth.

In the foyer, whilst waiting for Laura and Mike, we were approached by a girl who'd never seen anyone come as Rocky before so wanted a picture of Paul, and a group of middle-aged ladies who wanted a picture of both of us. One of them had never seen the show before so was just slightly confused as to why Paul was wandering around half-naked...

Upon arrival, Mike declared, "You look like a baby! A GIANT baby!" I think he's scarred for life.

Frank was played by one David Bedella, who created the role of Satan/Warm-up Guy in Jerry Springer: The Opera. And, yeah, he's quite pretty as Satan. So you can just imagine how pretty he was as Frank.


It was actually quite an interesting production. The set basically comprised bits of moving scenery (doors, etc.) and four ladders that the Phantoms were mostly climbing on, plus slightly better sets for the laboratory and a sort of study/library area where they performed Eddie's Teddy. Some of the costumes were the closest to the film I've seen for a while as well, at least as far as Frank was concerned...

The silhouette scene was also completely lacking in silhouettes, so they couldn't quite get away with as much as usual. It was very clever, though. There was an upright bed in the middle of the stage so the audience effectively got a bird's eye view. An interesting move, I think, but it definitely loses some of the "What the Hell is- ...oh. Wow" effect that you get with the usual silhouette scene.

All of the cast were very good, Riff and Frank especially. It's never that easy to tell with Columbia and Magenta since they have so little to do, but Columbia usually has a bit more personality than in this production. Riff's comic timing was very good, at least, as was Frank's. It also made a pleasant change to hear a Frank who wasn't based entirely on Tim Curry's Frances de-la-Torre accent, since David Bedella maintained his strong American drawl throughout.

Other things: not as much audience participation as usual. Russ Abbott was good as the Narrator, but his script only accommodated about half of what I expected. Also, there were no suspenders in sight during the final rendition of the Time Warp - for shame! I think it might be rowdier on Friday or Saturday night, as only the die-hard fans or Richard O'Brien-hunters tend to turn up on first night productions. That's MY excuse, anyway.

Another thing was that the cast seemed to play it incredibly straight and relied more on their own timing and the script for laughs, rather than just hamming it up. Not that it was, y'know, Shakespeare or anything, just straighter than usual. A few of my favourite audience participation bits were also missing - the opening "Give me an R!", etc. was gone, as was any reaction to "What's a bun dance?". It was also a shame that the Phantoms didn't change their costumes and stayed in their mad 80s mullets for the entire thing - I think my favourite ever moment in a production was when they all dressed up as Janets for "Once In A While"...

By far the best moment, though, was this:

Frank: [after trying to maintain a straight face] It's not easy having a good time. Even smiling makes my face ache. And when my children turn on me!
Random Audience Member: That's what Gary Glitter said!

Cue David B trying not to completely lose it... which, of course, only makes the entire thing that much funnier.

Hardly anyone was shouting "Asshole!" for Brad, but everyone seemed to take great, vindictive pleasure in screaming "SLUT!" at Janet. Anyone would think we were slightly bitter about an ex-Hear'Say member being in the show... Though, to be honest, I think that was more to do with the fact that the cast, again, didn't give us much time to actually shout things.

The only major downer of the evening was the row of idiots behind us, who were clearly OMG the biggest fans ever, and insisted on dancing for every.single.song, thereby hitting us all in the back of the head at least four times. They also insisted on screaming "That man's got no neck!" every time the Narrator appeared - it's funny the first couple of times, but after that it just gets annoying... it's also funnier in the movie, which is where it actually originates from in the first place. I felt more sorry for the people behind them, though, as they probably didn't get to see a vast majority of the show as a result of their dancing. They also wouldn't shut up, either, and were moaning all the way through "Once In A While". I admit that it's a fairly pointless song and not as exciting as any of the others, but that's no excuse.

Aside from that, though, a very enjoyable evening. I fear, however, I'm really running out of energy for all this, and it didn't feel right going without the usual crowd...

There will be photos when I have received them. They're on my mum's camera at the moment...

Paul and I spent Wednesday finishing off our 10-game Scrabble Grand Tournament (we are both ruthless and should stop playing before it gets the better of us...) and then headed into Birmingham to play lots of pool in Sports Cafe. After seven or eight games in there, it started to fill up with local business people having a break, so we headed next door to the Figure of
Eight for some lunch... then went straight back into Sports Cafe again. I whupped Paul's ass at air hockey. :D

Then we found ourselves in Brindley Place at The Locks, where we had a ridiculously overpriced bottle of wine, then went to the Yard of Ale to use their ItBox for a bit. Didn't win very much, but our extensive Scrabble knowledge did help with one random question...

Then it was a round trip back to Paul's via mine to collect stuff. And that was that.

I still have a ton of work to do, and have just discovered, upon opening the envelope drawer in my desk, that it's been moved around again. Never mind the fact that I now only have one drawer as it is, since my second one was designated - in my absence a while back - to be the general office envelope drawer. This is despite the fact that there are already plenty of envelopes in the stationery cupboard as it is. The CPAs have nine drawers between them, and Cynthia has three. I have one. Somehow, this is deemed to be fair.

Anyway, I moved everything back again to where it was (and made it all fit again, more to the point). I'm quite tempted to see if any of the keys in the stationery cupboard fit the lock...

Back to work, I suppose.

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