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Bloody hell, it was hot today.  And, for some reason, I'd forgotten that my office has only two temperatures: too cold or too hot.  This does not bode well for the summer, especially since there's already been a couple of dopey wasps about this afternoon.  And is it just me, or are the bastards getting bigger?  (I forgot to mention the bee we saw in Derby Museum, flying around the contemporary gallery.  It must've been at least two inches long...)

Although, apparently, this sudden burst of heat the past two days means there'll be thunderstorms over the weekend, so yay for that.  But the nice weather has to hold out at least as long as we're at the Flapper tomorrow.  Well, that is, assuming we don't have to leave on account of Paul being chucked out again.  He's taking his passport this time, but there's always the possibility of the bar manager remembering him.

I'm knackered.  Early night for me tonight.

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