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Do I have a sign over my head or something?

Another journey home from work, another idiot driver.  This time I was on the paved bit halfway across the dual carriageway and the driver of the last car before I crossed was grinning out of the window at me like a moron.  I mean, seriously.  Twice in the space of as many weeks.  This is getting annoying.

In other news: quiet evening, spent doing more embroidery and half-watching UK Food because David's in charge of the remote as usual.  I feel horrible and bloated from too much food.  Possibly should start eating bran flakes again.

Going to Paul's tomorrow as it's the 16th (13 months!) and because I can't see him Wednesday due to the Bloody Football taking over everyone's lives as usual.  I may barricade myself in my bedroom with a DVD instead.  Anyway, tomorrow we are also celebrating his pay rise, as this means we'll be able to afford the flat and random luxuries.  Talking of which, I saw some gorgeous throw cushions in Urban Outfitters this morning.  May have to go and see how much they are.

In other random news, I was hunting for GP surgeries near the flat, and the nearest one, literally a road away, is owned/run/whatever surgeries are by cloudjuice's mum.  How's that for coincidental? :)

I think I'll lumber around online for a bit and then read some more of Legacy, which is proving to be very good already.  I'd forgotten just how engaging Susan Kay is an author.  I wonder whatever happened to her?
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