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More annoying things.

Two more that I forgot to add to my previous f-only venting post.

1. Sandra, again, this morning. I was hunting for a paracetemol and Ivy thought she had some (turned out to be Ibufrofen so no use) and asked if I had a headache. I indicated the general area of my ovaries and said "No, women's pains", quite quietly. Sandra interrupts with "Wot, period pains? We're all women in here, you know!" loud enuogh for the entire frelling corridor to hear. Bitch.

2. Tina Roper causing confusion again. Chris Wilson, a Chair at Silvermere, rang up trying to find out about a case he was meant to be covering next week, as its allocated to one of our teams. It's not in Liz H's diary, though, so it therefore stands to reason that it wasn't booked in with us. Chris requested that I do some investigating, so I did.

I phoned the Social Worker, who wasn't in, but a member of her team told me what was going on with the case - it's basically followed the worker from Greencoat House to Dawson Road and finally to LAO. CareFirst still had the Chair as Maxine, but GCH apparently know nothing about it.

Anyway, as far as anyone knows, it's still going ahead, so I rang Chris to tell him. He asked if the minutes from the last conference were available, which was also showing up as being chaired by Maxine - highly unlikely that they're done...

I rang GCH's CP admin and spoke to Vanessa, who moodily informed me that she'd gotten to the same stage in her investigations as I had and didn't know where the minutes were. Quite why she was being arsey with me, I don't know, as I was only trying to help.

So anyway, I emailed Chris with the minutes from the Review in July - not the previous one, but the one before that - and left it in Vanessa's apparently capable hands, as she was going to bring it up with Maxine when she deigned to arrive.

Quite frankly, not my problem, but I'm a helpful sort and Chris thinks I'm wonderful as a result, which I'm sure is the exact opposite of what he's saying about Vanessa, if her attitude to him was the same as to me.

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