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Quite a nice, quiet one, really.

Friday night was spent watching a few episodes of Red Dwarf, as we decided to start watching them all a week or so ago. Currently up to series 5, I think, as we got to "Terrorform" last night, and halfway through "Holoship".

On Saturday we finished our third Scrabble Tournament (which I lost, again) and then went into town to see The Da Vinci Code. Before then, we played some pool and lost some money in the ItBox.

I liked the film, personally. I would say it's definitely better if you've read the book beforehand, as it makes the film easier to follow. I think it's a very difficult book to turn to in a film, to be honest, because of the way its written and the amount of information it throws at you in each chapter. It's a very wordy book with very little action, so this is probably why reviews have been slating it - because it's subsequently a very wordy film.

But, as I said, I liked it. I thought the casting was excellent. Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon at just the right pitch, Audrey Tatou's Sophie Neveu is brilliant and tortured, and Ian McKellen is bloody marvellous as Lea Teabing. It was very interesting in particular to see Tatou in a more 'straight' role, as even though she's equally good in Amélie and A Very Long Engagement, it was nice to see her playing a fairly normal character, one without the trademark eccentricities of her previous films.

My two favourite bits were Lea explaining the Last Supper anomaly and the ending. In particular, I liked the Last Supper piece because it was nice to see that bit of the book visualised properly with CG. I loved the ending of the book anyway, but I think the film did it really well. It's a complete anti-climax, really, that Langdon has been following this mystery for the entire story and it was right under his feet, back where he started, the whole time... but the film did the ending beautifully.

As adaptations go, it didn't make me violently annoyed, so that's worth at least a few bonus points. They didn't seem to miss out very much in terms of the action (but I need to read the book again anyway just to check) and the only thing I really noticed was the lack of the second cryptex... but given that it's mostly only fuel for more of Sophie's history, I can see why they missed it out. For a moment I thought they'd also missed out the reason why she hadn't spoken to Sauniére in so long, but they managed to slip that in towards the end. If I'm honest, the entire sequence where Sophie's heritage is revealed seemed a little rushed and squashed together, even though the ending itself was dragged out.

I'm also quite disappointed by the lack of Sophie/Langdon shipping, but I think it probably would have ruined the tone of the film. Never mind. There was more than enough tension between them to suffice.

In short, I enjoyed it. A lot of people will probably complain that it's too slow, but I happen to like slow films; that's exactly the reason I loved De-Lovely, because it was slow-paced, quiet and subdued. But when most of modern Hollywood is perpetuated by sex, violence, explosions and special effects, it's hardly surprising that The Da Vinci Code seems 'dull'.

So, after the film, we decided to stay in town for a bit and headed off towards the Wellington, because it was more entertaining than most of Broad Street. We ended up instead at The Bright (I think that's what it's called - it's on John Bright Street near Spearmint Rhino - because it's always empty. It's like a local pub in the middle of town. And they do Coke in glass bottles. Yay.

Tiredness forced me home, after a stop off to buy Cherry Lambrini and some rose at the nearest off-licence. We got home, and then watched some more 'Dwarf and the final half an hour of Saw (which happened to be on after the video finished).

Sunday was spent indoors playing Scrabble and that's about it. David cooked a lovely garlic-infused lamb joint for dinner (which was gorgeous) and then we decided, at 9.00pm, to watch Moulin Rouge!, forgetting that it was just under 2 hours long. As a result, we left mine at 11.00, convinced there was a 126 at that time, only to discover the last one on a Sunday is at 10.48. Bugger. So we started walking to Bearwood, with a feeble hope of getting the last 11A at about 11.35... no such luck, but we made it to Chiquito's at about 11.30 and phoned a taxi. Which only cost £8.50, which was a nice surprise, and I attribute this to the fact that we had to direct the driver most of the way so he was probably confused.

I'm meant to be seeing Tina later to discuss my concerns about the potential CPA job, and then I have my interview tomorrow. Joy.

Next weekend is Birmingham's Gay Pride weekend. Paul and I will be mostly spending it in the Wellington, and people are free to join us if they so please. We'll be there on Friday night, Saturday night (post-parade, which we'll be following) and Monday night, for Vanilla's shows. God bless Council Tuesdays. ;)

Right. Lunchtime.

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