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Okay, where's the summer gone?  Bloody Britain.  We get a week of swelteringly hot sunshine and then two more of rain.  I don't mind the rain so much, but was it really necessary to be absolutely fucking freezing this afternoon while I was waiting for my bus?  Essentially, I was hot and sticky and uncomfortable for my work-based assessment, and am probably going to be cold and damp and equally uncomfortable for my interview tomorrow.  YAY.

And here's another thing: I get the train home these days because it's meant to be quicker.  Therefore, it should not take me one and a quarter hours to do so, when half an hour of that is spent waiting for a bus that was meant to turn up 25 minutes ago.  I really can't wait til we move into the flat and I don't have to do that journey every day.  Yay, number 50 bus.

Luckily, no random gawping idiots in cars today.  Just f'tards who try to splash me with kerbside puddles.  Yes, again.  Bastards.  Bet he was really pissed off when his moving target took a sharp right into the cemetery...

I'm exhausted.  Quite glad I don't have to wake up early tomorrow (interview's not until 10.15) and very, very glad I booked Friday off as flex - not only does it give me a 6-day weekend (woo!), but it means I can get some energy-conservation time before the insane weekend ahead.

On the plus side, Paul just rang to tell me that Jenny told him our moving date will probably definitely be mid-June.  Which, yay.  But also not, as it'll fall slap bang in the middle of when my mum and David are on holiday.  At the very least, Paul will have to move in and I'll have to stay here and house-sit...
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