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A Very Long Weekend

A very, very long weekend, in fact.

Friday was spent doing not very much, if I'm honest. I woke up later than intended but still managed to drag my arse into work for the team lunch, which was at a Chinese Buffet place somewhere in Stockland Green. I paid for everything on my card and got cash off everyone but Natasha (she'll give me hers on Thursday) so at least I didn't need to draw any money out for the evening...

Whilst discussing what we'd all be doing over the bank holiday, I was telling Natasha about Pride and the plans we'd arranged for it - meanwhile, Sandra was smirking to herself like a small child who finds the word 'poo' funny...

After the meal I went home again, even though I'd planned to go to down, but mostly because Paul was leaving work at 3.00 and I had to get back and pack a bag. I got back at about 3.30 and decided to leave at 4.30, since we weren't meeting herringprincess and wrysprygoat until 8.00. I made Alison a CD (1 of 3; I still have to finish the other two and send them to her) and headed off at about 4.45.

I proceeded to wait 45 minutes for a 126 to take me to Bearwood. When it eventually turned up, it was a single-decker monstrosity, packed to the gills, with an empty double-decker behind it. Whilst I was waiting, I saw no less than four 126s go past in the other direction, three of them one after the other. And when it was going around the corner onto Hagley Road, three more were going past, in a row. Bloody buses.

Mind you, considering that part of the route includes a ridiculously busy motorway island, it's hardly surprising...

Anyway, I finally got to Paul's about five hours later, ate some food, and we headed out to meet Ali and Drew.

First, we dragged them to The Bright House (that's what it was called) for pre-Welly drinks and some pool. Drew proved he was something of a dark horse at pool, and I further proved that I can't play on British tables. Meh.

Onwards to the Wellington, which, despite some technical hitches, was entertaining as usual. I passed Asa in the loos before the show and then later on, during the show, he suddenly recognised Paul under his trilby. Paul then threw said trilby at the stage and Asa/Vanilla balanced it on his enormous blonde beehive wig. It was also the cause of plenty of abuse from Gobby Paul. Always fun.

Mama Trish was also quite good, though the highlight was him losing his belly-dancing skirt in the middle of his Shakira number. :D Paul missed that bit, though, because he was drunk and whining about wanting to go home.

We navigated safely back to his house and provided Drew and Alison with a comfortable bed (apparently) for the night.

Saturday was quite sedate. Paul spent the morning making breakfast, while I waitressed it to our guests and went to the shop to get orange juice and Ribena. We watched random rubbish on television (Who Do You Think You Are with Ian Hislop - he was a complete geek as a boy, it turns out - and some of Big Brother. I am ashamed.) and then headed off into town.

We wandered up towards Hurst Street to see if the promised security presence would be there, and found ourselves more than able to wander the streets unnoticed. There wasn't much around on Saturday other than the funfair, though, so we went back towards the city centre, stopping off to buy bags of sweets from the traditional sweet shop on the corner.

We parted ways with Alison and Drew on New Street and went off to do a bit of shopping. Paul wanted a ring from Oasis and I was in search of a new watch and some shoes. We came back with all of the above; the watch is by Punkyfish and is very cool, and the trainers are pale blue Acupuncture things from Jade for a tenner. Yay sale. Paul has also donated to me some trainers he no longer wears, so all in all, quite an acquisitional day.

We also looked how much the nice cushions were in Urban Outfitters and will be going back for those at some point, as they have now decided the entire colour scheme of the living room of the flat.

The rest of the day was spent playing Scrabble and watching more Red Dwarf.

On Sunday morning I attempted to make two more CDs whilst playing Scrabble, because I'd forgotten to do them on Saturday night, and failed. Well, I made one and half of its cover, then gave up. I'll attempt to finish them both tonight and get them sent off.

We headed into town at 12.30 to meet up with Alison and Drew again for the Pride Parade. I bought Paul another whistle (he needs to find the one from last year so he can have matching rainbow-coloured shoelaces...) and a rainbow flag, which I donated to Drew because he didn't have anything rainbow-coloured. I was wearing the bandana I picked up last year, and Alison wore her rainbow-striped boob tube over her jumper.

We followed the parade again. Despite rumours, the roads were, in fact, completely shut off, and it followed the same route as last year. Everyone made a lot of noise near Moor Street Station under the bridge, as the acoustics were brilliant. Once we got to Hurst Street we discovered that you did actually need wristbands to get in, but it was so crowded and the police were so ramshackle that it was ridiculously easy just to sneak in through the fences.

Alison and Drew parted from us at that point, and we went off in search of food and beverages. Naturally, we ended up at the Wellington, which was busier than ever. They serve real chips made from actual potatoes. :) We didn't stay there long, but in retrospect we should've done a repeat of last year and stayed there all night.

We got back to mine and disappeared straight upstairs to play more Scrabble, until David came up to tell us that they were going out for dinner to celebrate my mum gaining her Open Water Diving qualification that afternoon. We instantly realised we'd forgotten to ask and went into a panic in case my mum was annoyed and that was the reason they were going out, so before they came back we legged it to the offy and bought some flowers to say congratulations and apologise for forgetting.

It turned out she wasn't annoyed, but I'm sure the flowers were appreciated anyway.

On Monday, we spent most of the day doing nothing again, and had a very nice chicken roast dinner before heading off to the Wellington again as Vanilla was meant to be on.

The pub was quite deserted and Asa was sitting there in his everyday clothes. We won some money out of their ancient Hangman machine (it's not even a touch-screen...) and by 11.30 had realised that the entertainment didn't seem to be happening, so got a taxi home again. It was still a nice night, though, and it's lovely to go into a pub where the bar staff/landlords recognise you. Gobby Paul shouted "Goodnight, girls!" as we left.

Tuesday was spent also playing Scrabble, arguing about words that did or didn't exist (I maintain that by the logical rules of grammar, the word 'attainer' should exist, even though multiple dictionaries claim otherwise; it's like 'meniality' all over again), and watching Red Dwarf before heading out at about 6.30 to go to town and do some drinkin' before going to Paul's.

We started at the Sports Cafe to play some pool - definitely better on American tables, which bodes well for Saturday - and stayed there until the end of the first half of the England v. Hungary friendly that was apparently on. I understand that we won... After that, we went to O'Niell's to claim Paul's free pint, and the pub has definitely gone up in my estimation because it serves Coke in glass bottles. Mmmm.

After that we decided to go to the Yard to try and catch last orders, via Tesco to buy wine. Unfortunately the Yard was closing so we went straight home, caught the repeat of Never Mind The Full Stops (a grammar quiz on national television!) and then went to bed.

We awoke at 5.15 this morning due to sunlight, which was rather unfair. I am quite tired today, but surprisingly alert.

I came back to work to find a bin liner full of shredded paper under my desk. I suspect that this is either the cleaner's fault, or Sandra's petty way of making a point...

Tina H sent over the job description for the CPA job, and I have realised - coupled with everything I was thinking about on Thursday - that I really don't want it. I didn't want it when it was first advertised, and I don't want it now. Instead, I'm going to apply for this, instead, as it's Scale 2 with the potential to go up to Scale 4 (!) after assessment. It's also less complicated than the Legal job is.

That's another thing; the Legal job was advertised as being mainly audio typing, when in fact, as they told me at the interview, there's a lot of running around to different offices/court involved. It is, in fact, more paralegal clerk than typist, and if I'd known that when I applied I would never have done so... The Chief Executive's job above is most definitely just Audio Typist/WPO, so much more up my street. It's also city centre, on Cannon Street.

I am going to get out of this bloody office if it kills me. Unfortunately, I fear that in all likelihood, it's going to kill me before I get out.
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