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It's only frelling June, and I'm already praying for Winter again. It would help if Britain actually had discernible seasons this year, rather than 'bloody freezing' and 'brain-meltingly hot'. What happened to the slow increase in temperature throughout Spring? I admit that it's nice to wake up early in the morning to sunlight, but when it's this hot I can't sleep at night, can't stay awake during the day, and am unable to do anything that involves fast movement. Or any movement. Or even sitting still, apparently.

At least it's not as bad as last year. This time in 2005 I'd spent the majority of a week feeling lethargic, light-headed and dizzy because of the heat. As I suspected dehydration, I'd been drinking lots of water in lieu of coke, which then resulted in caffeine/sugar withdrawal. I remember having my first sip of coke in about a week and getting a massive sugar rush as a result. Can't win either way. But so far this year, so good.

I have a horrible feeling it's only going to get warmer, though. I remember surviving perfectly well in the middle of a heatwave in Crete about three years ago, when it was about 42oC at its highest peak. The difference was it was dry heat, without the overpowering humidity we get here.

I was half-awake for the thunder this morning (THUNDER YAY!) and I was hoping a storm might clear the air, but alas, no. If anything, the humidity has got worse, to the point where I could barely breathe earlier. I suppose I should be glad I don't get hayfever, or the summer would be even more unbearable.

Mum and David are flying off to Turkey for two weeks later today. I am very jealous. I need a holiday. It's not looking likely until about next Easter, though (our five-yearly regular trip to EuroDisney), or the summer. Paul and I will be saving a tenner a week each from the moment we move into the flat, and that should be ample money for a holiday come next June... Or so I hope. Because seriously, if I don't go somewhere soon, I'm going to go completely stir crazy.

Anyway. Weekend, I suppose.

Friday saw another small MGM, comprising me, Paul, Scooter, Ben, Kiwi and Disillusioned. It was at the Shakespeare on Summer Row (quite a nice pub, it seems, and part of exactly the same franchise as the other Shakespeare on the road opposite Tesco) and because of the hot weather Paul and I ended up drinking four bottles of wine between us. Two is usually my limit, so needless to say, I was just a tad pissed by the end of the night. I blame the pub for selling one of our favourite rosés, though (the Ernest & Julio Gallo White Grenache).

The night ended with my sandals falling apart (I have had them about five years, though) and a water fight that resulted in Scooter knocking the entire contents of a melted ice bucket into our laps, and subsequently hitting a glass and smashing it. This was, mind you, in full view of the bar staff who had just told us to get out of the beer garden because it was closing, so we made a hasty exit before they chucked us out...

Saturday, naturally, saw the arrival of a hangover. Not as bad as my Infamous Vodka Hangover, by any means (no vomiting, for a start) but quite bad anyway. I discovered that half-stale Doritos are good for hangovers, though, and also for settling my stomach enough to eat breakfast and therefore feel better. I had two naps in the course of the day (I blame the heat and only getting about six hours of sleep - why am I perfectly capable of waking up at 7.00am on a frelling weekend?), played two games of Scrabble ("fretting" was my all-seven-letters word, slapped nicely over two triple-word scores. I rock.), didn't watch the football, did some embroidery, and that was about it.

We headed out at about 7.00ish to go and find the Rileys in town, since the one at Moseley was miles away. It took us half an hour and an unhelpful policeman to find it. It would have helped, also, if the address had been Inge Street on the website and not Essex Street, as I know where Inge Street is. Either way, we found it, I joined up, and we stayed there til about 11.00. Were going to pop into the Welly to find out what was going on in the future, but couldn't be bothered.

Talking of the Welly, we have decreed to drag MGM people there. I vote we go there for the next MGM, personally...

On Sunday, we borrowed a DVD off Paul's mate, Ryan, except it wouldn't work in his player so we went into town instead. It was incredibly hot, so we went into O'Neills on Broad Street, which was uber-air-conditioned. Except after a couple of hours it was really quite cold in there so we went up the road to Sports Cafe to play pool.

I lost all six games and had a bit of a strop, because I was tired and full of PMT.

We went back to mine and cooked spaghetti/penne bolognese for all four of us. I thought it would be nice to eat outside since it was still warm, but David decided he was eating upstairs no matter what, so that put a damper on that plan, and also made my bad mood even worse. I was almost petty enough to eat outside anyway, but that would have been antisocial, and I would only have gotten attacked by random insects anyway.

Considering the heat, I got to sleep fairly quickly. Unforunately, Pau's insomnia kicked in so he's had the day off sick and is probably still in bed...

I've booked 23rd and 26th June off as annual leave so I can have a long weekend, so that should at least break up the tedium of my HORRIBLE journey to work when I'm not getting a lift partway.

We are officially moving on 17th June. Except I'm not, because I'm house-sitting to water plants and such. At least I get to watch whatever television I like. I should be moving myself in when mum and David are back from their holiday. So in reality I'm moving in about 2-3 weeks or so. I should be more excited, but due to the rubbish timing of it all and the fact that the moving date has been ongoing for so long, I'll just be bloody relieved more than anything else.

In any case, I'll be internetless for a while (does anyone care? No? Didn't think so...) until we get that sorted out, which'll be after a month or so when we're sure what money is left over after bills and food. When I am internetful again, however, I will be posting lots of photographs. I can access LJ at work (obviously), so will be sending invites via that and email for our flat warming, whenever it will be. After boxes are unpacked and breakables are hidden, I presume...

I have tons of work to do, so I'll sign this one off.
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