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*sporks ovaries*

My body has yet to understand the concept of period pains coming before the thing in question. Meh. They're not as bad as they probably could be, but they are made worse by unnecessary stomach pain...

Executive decision: the barbecue is cancelled, mostly due to lack of interest. I can't really afford it, I can't really be arsed, and there was only one definite attendee anyway. Either way, this is my last effort to be sociable. You all know where I am.

Anyway. On Tuesday night, I decided to watch White Noise, which turned out to be quite a bad idea because I'm generally not very good at horror films. I liked it, anyway. Echoes of The Ring in places, completely inaccurate in terms of what EVP is actually like (it's rarely as clear as they were making out), but a clever twist at the end anyway. Would have been a lot less scary if Paul hadn't decided to ring me at 10.30 and scare the bejeesus out of me, since the phone rang at the exact wrong time.

As a result, I ended up watching another hour of television to calm myself down. A random episode of Life Begins, as it happened, and was very tired most of yesterday.

We met up in town after work and ate at the Yard of Ale. They've changed their menu and made it boring. Which is apparently the in thing these days, since Wetherspoons did exactly the same, having abolished their delicious shredded BBQ pork baguettes and the interesting-looking platter that I never got a chance to try. Bastards.

After that we hopped on a bus down to Tanoshi Bar, which used to be The Lazt Word, next to Morgan Computers on Hagley Road. It's now a Thai restaurant/bar. It's very pretty. They have swinging chairs downstairs (like you see in American films on the front porches of ranch houses) and the upstairs is painted green and gold with amazing wooden tables that look like bits of tree trunk. Fairly reasonably priced. I didn't try the food but it all looked very nice.

We were there to hear Richie do his first solo acoustic gig, and were led to believe that it was to start at 7.30. This was the original start time before it was moved from the James Brindley. It turned out that it didn't start until 9.00.

So naturally, by the time Richie had gone on, half an hour late, and performed, I was whinging and wanted to go home. Paul whinged back, convinced me to stay for another drink, and we sat through the quite boring second performer (a girl from Gibralta) and some of the third. Naturally, when I got home it took me ages to get to sleep again, despite nodding off in the pub.

Knackered again today. To-do list:

~ Tape House and... the other thing I don't remember, for David. Repeat next week.
~ Go next door and tell Jean that I won't be there at the weekend and ask her to water the plants in the back garden and the tomatoes in the back room.
~ Attempt to pack stuff...
~ Remember cheque book.
~ Empty dishwasher, clean George Foreman grill.

I think that's it, actually...

Ho-hum. Work.
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