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Minor update

The flat's still a mess, because neither of us have the energy to actually attempt to tidy up - besides, half of the furniture can't be moved until we have a van, which isn't looking likely just yet. The mattress from upstairs is really uncomfortable and isn't helping my back, which has been aching consistently since Sunday night due to moving boxes/bags.

On the plus side, I'm leaving at 2.00 on Friday so my mum can take me to Asda for food shopping. Also to Dunelm so I can get voile for the curtains. (The lounge curtains are cream, so I'm going to hang some red, metallic-esque voile instead of nets. I hate nets.) At some point we need a trip to Ikea to get dining chairs.

Also having a where-to-put-furniture crisis, because even though Trevor was very nice and left us with a sideboard and a dining table, they're both huge and taking up too much room. I'm hopeful everything will fit eventually...

Paul's mum bought us a Freeview box, but unfortunately the reception is so bad (terrestrial is mostly watchable, except Channel 4), it can't detect any channels through the bloody aerial. We're in a Telewest area so will be getting cable TV/phone/broadband eventually

In other news, I can't cope with this weather. I have lots and lots of stuff to do at work, but it's so damned hot I can't concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time without wanting to have a nap or jump in a lake somewhere. Having read the symptoms, it looks like I was definitely suffering from mild heat exhaustion last year, and so far this year, so good. Except for the fact that I'm perpetually sweaty and disgusting, even when I'm sitting still.

Actually, advice would be nice. I'm having real trouble this year finding an anti-perspirant that actually works for more than five minutes. Dove anti-allergy roll-on used to work, but doesn't any more (in fact, the only time one of those cream roll-ons has ever worked was when I was in Kefalonia and it melted...), I don't like the liquid roll-ons because they take hours to dry, and aerosols are horrible. I'm quite tempted to just buy men's anti-perspirant and be done with it, as men's stuff is, in general, of a better quality than women's.

I don't have BO (at least as far as I can tell) but I'm incredibly self-conscious about the fact that all of my shirts have horrible wet patches under the armpits within 10 minutes of putting them on, and that's just from walking to the bus stop. It's horrible. I'm fully aware that probably losing weight would help, and also that being on the pill has made my body do weird things (the weight gain being one of them), but this is ridiculous. Nobody else in the world seems to have this problem except me.

Advice? Recommendations?

I'll try and take some pictures tonight to illustrate the progress of tidying up and moving in, and to share what the flat looks like for anyone overseas who might be interested. Friends-only/filtered post coming next with my new details...

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