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An update, and a review.

Last week was far too hot to do anything remotely productive, including attempting to tidy the flat. It's also rather hampered by not having enough places to put things (I have two suitcases full of clothes, and that's just the stuff out of my wardrobes. I left the rest of it in the chests of drawers...)

However, I would like to thank rachel2205 for her Mitchum recommendation. I got some for £2.00 in Asda on Friday and so far, so good. Although that could be due to the lack of heatwave. I managed to spend £86 in Asda on a load of basics and some kitchen stuff, but at least now we have enough food in the cupboards to keep us going for a while, not to mention 24 rolls of toilet paper. ;)

Paul took me out to the local Wetherspoons for a meal on Friday night, since we'd both cooked twice in the week. Quite pleasant, though the wine we bought was quite heavy and knocked me straight to sleep at about 10.30...

The weekend was more productive due to it being a lot cooler. On Saturday morning, we set up a joint account to pay the bills from, and then had another Lloyds TSB bloke telling us about the various benefits of our individual accounts, which was nice. I have to be back in credit in about a year, or they can reduce my overdraft by a certain amount each month if I'm not. Also, if I'm going to get a loan, I should get one now whilst the rates are better (i.e., I'm still a graduate...)

On Saturday afternoon, I did three loads of washing whilst Paul had a nap. We haven't had a proper lie in for about three weeks. After that I watched random television for a bit (a veritable banquet of pirate films, in fact) and waited for Paul to resurface. We headed out to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at the AMC - which, DUDE. Review momentarily. I want to see it again, incidentally, so if anyone's going...

We got back at about 10.00ish and had the curry I'd bought in Asda on Friday. Very nice.

Sunday, we finally had a lie in, until nearly midday. That felt GOOD. Despite this, it was an ultimately productive day, which resulted in my putting old jumpers in a plastic tidy-away under the bed, doing another load of laundry (it's been nearly 2 weeks...), and sorting out CDs and putting them away so they're no longer in carrier bags on the floor. The end result is something slightly tidier than before.

And then I slaved over a hot oven to make Sunday lunch. Grilled chicken breast with cheesy broccauli mash, garlic mashed potatoes and roasters. Home-made ones, I might add. Very nice, not to mention the satisfaction of "I made this" whilst eating. I am teH Potato Queen.

Rest of the evening was spent watching films and relaxing.

Late for work this morning due to leaving 10 minutes later than usual and getting stuck in every possible bit of traffic between Kings Heath and town. Yay. Still didn't take as long as it would've done if I was getting the 11 from Bearwood. I also missed the 101 in town due to the staff in Mills being slow-arses.

Also? Banks and post offices are annoying. They close at the same time as most people leave work, therefore making it bloody impossible to do ANYTHING important, like sorting out bank accounts or TV licenses. The council is equally annoying, since the council tax number on their website doesn't seem to work. Yeah. Nice going.

Anyway. Helpful review for PotC:DMC. I'll have to split it up into headings to make it easier, though...

Quite insanely long, but paced just fast enough that it didn’t seem long enough. Especially with the EVIL CLIFFHANGER at the end. It didn’t take itself as seriously as the first one, but I got the general impression that they’ve been listening to the various fan-ramblings online and realised the potential for silliness. And there was certainly plenty of silliness.

What I did like was how it started from the off and launched straight into the plot. This does mean that anyone who hasn't seen the first movie will be completely lost, but more fool them. :P It's also nice that they've played on the Jack/Elizabeth dynamic (which I believe was the intention from the start, at least judging by the deleted scenes) and made it a large part of the action. More on that later.

This one seemed a lot more graphic than the first one. There were ravens pecking out the eyes of prisoners near the start, brains-in-the-wall, not to mention death-by-axe and the suggestion of most of Jack's crew being eaten alive. Disney's really letting its morals drop these days. The constant suggestion between Jack and Elizabeth was also a lot more risque than I was anticipating (not that I'm complaining).

I loved the continued references to the rum ("Hide the rum", when Jack realised Elizabeth was on board, and Gibbs' crestfallen expression when he realised they'd have to sacrifice it), and the ongoing "Bugger!" whenever things went wrong. It's not quite as catchy as "Bloody pirates!", but it'll do.

I'd really have to see it again to do a more comprehensive review of the overall film, but for now I'm going to separate this into characters...

Johnny Depp was, once again, in his element. It's obvious how much he loves the role and being able to go completely mad on set. He did play Jack almost as a parody of himself (lots of drunken wobbling and talking bollocks), but that's probably only because the character has become something of a legacy. There are subtleties to the character that may have been missed the first time around, and perhaps this is just over-compensation.

I'm not complaining, either way. Jack Sparrow is still Jack Sparrow, and he was as recognisably enigmatic in this as before. He may have tricked Will into boarding the Flying Dutchman, but at least he went down with the ship when the time came. I think one of my favourite moments was when he was staring down the throat of the Kraken, waiting for it to swallow the Pearl...

Best lines (courtesy of IMDb.com): "You know, these clothes do not fancy you at all. It should be a dress or nothing. I happen to have no dress in my cabin."

"I've got a jar of di-irt! I've got a jar of di-irt!" *dances*

"Where's that monkey. I want to shoot something."

"Oh, bugger."

"Why is the rum always gone?" *staggers*

Alas, they do not have the fantastic exchange between Jack and Gibbs about finding the key that ends with him saying to Gibbs "You're not making any sense", but I'm determined to try and learn that if I see it again...

Still Swann, not Turner... and certainly not looking likely for the foreseeable future. Elizabeth, like Jack, also seemed to be something of a parody of herself, and was practically a Mary Sue in places. I did like her knocking out Norrington with the rum bottle, but thought sulking about not being married yet was rather childish.

The entire sequence with the chest on the island was hilarious, made all the more so for Elizabeth attempting to be a voice of reason and ending up even more ridiculous than the men.

As for the compass always pointing to Jack, and the kiss... ah, it's been so long since my shippiness delivered. :) I could go on about Jack/Elizabeth, but I'll spare you. All I will say is I don't think her intentions were entirely as straightforward as they seem...

Best line: "Oh! OH! The HEAT!"

Well, Orlando Spoon Bloom managed to be as mundane as ever. Will Turner hasn't won any points in my affections, and that's partly due to the wooden delivery. And let's face it, he's being upstaged not only by Johnny Depp, but by Bill Nighy, who was equally as good - if not better - than Geoffrey Rush in Curse of the Black Pearl. I don't entirely understand his loyalty to his father after knowing him only a day or so...

At least he had some good comedy moments, the best one probably being the three-way fight between Norrington, Will and Jack on the water wheel. Nevertheless, I still found myself not really caring what happened to him, but I've never been a great fan of Will anyway...

I much prefer James Norrington as a rum-drunk, scruffy pirate to an uptight Commodore, even if he did stab them in the back again straight afterwards. Still, he deserves some credit for taking the heart from right under Jack's nose...

Best line: "Come on, then! Who wants some?!" (something like that, anyway...)

I love love love Davey Jones. I especially love that even under six tonnes of latex he was still unmistakable Bill Nighy. :D I love his ship and I love that he can play the pipe organ with his frellin' tentacles!

That's about all I can say about him, really, other than to sing Bill Nighy's praises, because he was absolutely brilliant. I've only just realised, as well, that other than Depp, it's an entirely British cast...

Okay, so, despite the fact that she was blatantly a big Mary Sue (right down to the heaving bosoms and raven hair), I thought she was brilliant. She seemed to genuinely be on the same wavelength as Jack, and her accent was cool.

YAY BARBOSSA! I'm so happy he's back. I've said before that I thought Geoffrey Rush was severely underrated in the first film, and even his brief appearance at the end of DMC was scene-stealing. With the apple and the juice and everything. Sheer brilliance. It's SO an apple fetish, and yet more proof that the writers must have been reading what the fans have been saying...

Needless to say, I loved it. I want the third film now, which I imagine is the entire point of the cliffhanger - which was an evil, heartless thing to do, all the more so because we have to wait another year before the next one's made.

So if anyone fancies a night of piratical goodness, you know where I am. :P

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