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Job hunt, take 3.

Hm. As much as I'm getting used to them, I'm still not fond of interviews. At least I aced the audio-typing test...

They gave me half an hour, in which I had to type up an audio dictation of 11 different statements and a list of common legal words to make sure I could spell them. Things like "judiciary" and "prejudice" and "prove". I'm still not sure if I spelt "liaise" right ("liaise/liase"?) but that's one of my weaknesses. Bah. After the dictation there was then a proof-reading test to find the spelling/grammar errors. I did the entire lot in 15 minutes.

The interview was quite long. There were the usual two questions about prioritising workload and the Council's equal ops policy, and about six or seven others. One of them was "Give an example of when you have used word processing". Er, every day? Hm. I suppose they have to rule out anyone applying for it as a first job... There was also one about being flexible, one about meeting a deadline under specific circumstances, and some others I don't remember...

They said they'd get back to me by the end of the week, then must have realised it was Thursday and that such a task would be impossible, so they rang me to let me know they'd get back to me by the end of next week. So we shall see. If I don't get this one I'll just keep looking, as I'm now completely committed to getting out of here.

Cynthia's leaving do tonight, at All Bar One and then on to Risa. I'm bringing Paul for moral support, but will probably have to keep him away from Sandra, after everything I've told him about her...

We have more furniture in the flat now, luckily. My cubic shelving unit is in, and another bedside table. I've unpacked one suitcase of skirts/dresses and the only one left has jeans in... except the wardrobe isn't deep enough to hold most of my coat hangers. This is annoying. Hopefully we're getting another large chest of drawers so I'll just put most of my stuff in that, instead. Still pondering where to put furniture. And wondering exactly how I managed to fit such a vast amount of crap into such a small room...

Ho hum. It's all just a waiting game, really.

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