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Current situation is as follows:

~ temperature is creeping up to 36oC in the office, without the added bonus of a nice breeze as outside.
~ chocolate digestives melting.
~ have fan pointed at head previously had fan pointed at head, but Sandra has since made me turn it around so Amanda can feel some of it. This is actually impossible. Now have no air conditioning in the slightest, as I sit in a corner with no frelling windows.
~ moreover, Sandra has a desk fan pointed at HER head, not to mention the rotating one in the middle of the room. And she acts like I'm the selfish one. I vote we swap desks for an hour and she can see what it's like in MY corner of this oven, without a direct line to an open window and now without the privalege, even, of a rotating fan.
~ am actually considering going home or faking a collapse so I get SENT home. (Except I suspect, with the latter, that it would take them about an hour to even notice...)
~ BCC can't afford air conditioning, because they're cheaparses. Except, apparently, in the admin office, where it is pleasantly cool. It also apparently can't afford heating in the winter that actually works.

In summary: I hate this office, I hate Sandra, and I HATE HATE HATE this weather. I'm going at 4.45, if not earlier.

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