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Two updates.

Internet wasn't working at work yesterday, so here's the entry from then:

1. The virus, whatever it was, is out of my system. I'm assuming, in that case, that my glands will de-swell on their own.

2. My asthma is fine (as usual).

3. My sweating could have a cause and I need to have another blood test, but for now I have been prescribed a special anti-perspirant to apply nightly. Fingers crossed.

Nothing much else to report.

Except that our printer's broken again. It's not the network card for a change, just that the fuser cartridge is bost. We should get another one tomorrow hopefully. I think the IT Services guy is getting quite fed up of looking at it...

Oh, and apparently, according to Liz D, they've all been singing my praises at SHAO all morning. Such a shame they couldn't have done that more often, really. I really want to tell everyone why I'm going - the real reason, aside from the easier travel and location and the extra money - especially seeing as Sandra's on leave for the next two weeks and won't be back until after I've gone... but I won't.

Ho-hum. I have the new typist shadowing me on Monday (must... resist... urge... to warn... about... Sandra) for my last week, so I need to try and clear my desk tomorrow a little bit. Empty the drawers and such.

As a random aside, when typing Raj's tapes, I've noticed he uses the word 'however' all of the time, almost as punctuation. I want to say "That word does not mean what you think it means."

So, I tried the uber-anti-perspirant (Driclor) last night. It stings like WHOA, but that's probably due to the alcohol content. So far this morning, it's 10.00am and I am Not Sweating, which is definitely a good thing.

I had my blood test this morning and I swear she took about a pint, as the doctor requested checking for everything. My arm HURTS now, and considering that the bruise hasn't gone from my previous blood test last week, and there's now going to be a bloody huge one on my right arm too, I'm going to look like a smack addict. YAY.

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