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I nearly had to swim to work this morning.

There was a flood across the road and into the Youth Offending Team office's driveway on the main road. I didn't realise this when I got off the bus, so stood, lemonlike, on the pavement waiting for the cars to stop driving through the puddle so as not to get splashed. Slowly, the realisation began to dawn on me that the water was almost knee deep and there was no feasible way that I would actually be able to walk through it.

It was at precisely this point that a friendly Scottish lady offered to give me a lift through the river. "I can assure you, I'm perfectly safe", she told me. (Obviously, that's the very first thing a psychopath would tell you, but it was either that or get soaked.)

I was quite pleasantly surprised to discover that nobody decided to deliberately splash me today.

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