T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh


first thing on a monday morning, for three hours, i have 16th century literature... she says, in her graham-norton-accentalike voice, that it'll help if we have an interest in history. i haven't frelling done history since year nine!! but i do vaguely recall doing something on the renaissance, and wasn't edward vi reigning around that time? after henry viii?? i can't remember...

anyway, should be interesting. but not fun first thing on a monday morning!!

we have a new girl in the flat, a first year in something to do with recruiting, called jackie. just met her in the kitchen, she seems nice. she's the one with the computer like mine.

meep! there's only two farscape's left! okay, so we got the final four before america. for some reason. they don't get them til april, BUT!!! they get season 4 almost immediately afterwards, and we have to wait another 9 frelling months before we get it. and you just KNOW the frelling cliffhanger is going to be evil...

oh well... i'll enjoy it while it lasts...
Tags: fandom: farscape, university
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