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A very long weekend.

To be honest, I've spent most of the weekend feeling quite unwell due to the cold I managed to catch during my last week at work. It wasn't bad enough to warrant time off, which is probably just as well, because the other WPO in this team has also been off sick. I think the Council has its own special kind of lurgy...

On Saturday I was meant to take Paul out for the day (despite us both being broke and me trying to save money) but we called a halt to the proceedings late in the afternoon because my head hurt and I had a sore throat... But anyway, we firstly went to see the Superduperspective exhibition of 3D 'moving paintings at the Waterhall Gallery. Very entertaining and very clever. It's been extended to February 18 and it's well worth a look if you want half an hour or so of free entertainment and optical illusions are your kind of thing...

Then we wandered to the Ikon Gallery to see what pretentiousness they were exhibiting, but they were between installations so it was closed...

After that we went down Broad Street and stopped for drinks in the Figure of Eight, where we ran into flatlin2010 and Denise, and shortly thereafter falling_softly, who were on their way to see Smokin' Aces and quickly discovered the shitness that is Birmingham cinema times. Lloyd broke the ItBox and then it was fixed and we wasted some money in that, before they wandered off to the cinema and we headed towards Riley's.

We got as far as the Wetherspoon's by the library and gave up because I was in pain. Paul reminded me umpteen times that I owed him a night out and I complained that I never had any money. In the end we went to Tesco to get some food and something for dinner.

We went to bed at about 9.00 and watched the DVD of The Producers in bed (the new, musical version). Quite a strange film, and IMO can probably only be appreciated on the right level if one has seen the stage production, as it's very faithful to it... though without the humourous post-modern no-fourth-wall touches from the show. It is very well cast, with Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock going into it almost straight from the West End (he replaced Richard Dreyfuss when it first opened at the last minute) and Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom... although I personally preferred Reece Shearsmith, who Paul and I saw in the West End in October. He was just that little bit more neurotic than Broderick.

Uma Thurman was made to play Ulla, being blonde, tall, leggy and completely bonkers, and, equally, the part of the German playwright (whose name escapes me) was solely created so that Will Farrell could shout a lot with a silly accent. (Will Ferrell, by his own admission, finds "yelling funny".) There was also a surprise guest performance from John Barrowman as a singing Nazi - always great fun.

So, yes, I quite enjoyed it. It was very stylised and almost exactly mimicked the stage production in terms of the set, with a few external shots to make it look a bit bigger. For once, this was a stage-to-screen musical that actually worked. If all the other stage-to-screen musical producers/directors would follow in the same footsteps, I would be much happier about the impending Sunset Blvd. adaptation, if it ever happens...

On Sunday, joetimewaster was coming round with miss_scooter to get our internet all networked up. I had booked Monday off specifically for the purpose of spending the day surfing the internet, which was a very stupid thing to do as it just tempted fate... Everything worked except for the 15m of cabling between the router and my computer, annoyingly - we even tried the same cabling between the router and Lisa's PC downstairs (where the modem is) and it still didn't work.


So I spent most of Monday going to Selly Oak on the bus to get to PC World to see if I could get more cable there. Where it cost £35.00 and I didn't bother, instead asking Paul to email Ben and get him to get us more cable online, where it costs about a tenth of the price. PC World are rip-off merchants.

So we still don't have the internet. I wasn't feeling particularly well yesterday and the price of cable in PC World annoyed me... I had to go into Kings Heath to buy Paul some more work shoes so I thought I'd make the best use of the time and tried to buy a Valentine's card. Except I'd managed to time it so that all of the Camp Hill girls (but no boys...?) left school at the same time, and instantly filled up the card shops trying to get cards for their boyfriends. I gave up trying to find a card after the fifth rude person pushed past me without an 'excuse me', and because all the cards were either annoying, cheesy or just plain ugly. I am very particular when it comes to card-buying, but it does make the task very irritating.

Anyway, the other cable has been ordered and will hopefully work this time, and should be delivered by the end of the week..

Oh, and no, we don't want wireless, so don't suggest it. :P

I ended up having an on/off nap on Monday afternoon between 4.00 and 6.00 and then we went to Wetherspoons because I was in no fit state to cook.

I'm supposed to be going to choir tonight, but since I haven't had an unbroken night's sleep since Friday because of my cough (and because of the noisy bastards next door partying until 6.00am) I'm exhausted, and in no fit state to sing, either.

I've booked three days off from 14 - 16 February, and hopefully by then the internet will work.

Nothing's ever simple, is it? *sigh*

Anyway, as soon as I do have the internet, I will be posting some photographs from London that date back to October, and some photographs of the flat for those that haven't seen it yet. There would have been before/after photographs, but my camera wasn't uncovered until most of it was sorted. Of course, there will be photos assuming I can get the camera to work long enough - the battery cover broke off at London Zoo (it had an argument with the floor) and, of course, it's spring loaded. I need a new camera. :(
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