T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Annoying things.

Several irritating things about today:

1. I dropped a glass this morning, which makes two in as many weeks (although Paul dropped the other one) - pretty soon we're not going to have a whole set of anything. I wouldn't mind, but it was one of the nicely-shaped juice tumblers I inherited off David, and he's most likely already sold the rest of them. Paul managed to break one of the blue Coca Cola glasses we got from McDonalds, but I'm hoping eBay might throw those up for me.

2. I forgot my music for choir. Not too much of a problem, as I suspect we'll be going over what we started last week and I can probably borrow copies for the duration of the rehearsal, but it's the principle of the thing.

3. As it's half term, there are no children on the buses. This is usually a good thing because it means they're much quieter, less full, and on time, so I can get to work quicker. Except this morning the 50 had one of those annoying bus drivers who can't possibly be early and kept stopping all the time for five-minute breaks. Which I wouldn't mind, but he was leaving the bloody doors open and it was cold.

4. And my MP3-player battery died 10 minutes from town.

5. Also, having half term this week is most inconsiderate, as I was hoping to have a quiet Valentine's Day without having to contend with lots of people all over the place, and I suspect the bloody ice rink in Solihull will be full of irritating teenagers tomorrow.

6. My stomach is complaining about nothing in particular. I've been feeling alternately starving and horribly bloated (after eating), usually for hours at a time, to the point where it hurts. This morning (about 45 minutes ago) I was hit by a wave of nausea for no apparent reason and had to hide in the toilets until it went away again. I do sort of blame the mocha for that, as coffee doesn't tend to agree with me at the best of times, but it was an unfortunate necessity because I'm knackered. To be honest, my stomach hasn't been very stable since I was off work in July / August, and up til now I've been putting it down to the fact that I spent the majority of those three weeks not eating very much, and only eating mostly soup / yoghurt when I did eat, and that my stomach was just trying to get back into eating properly. But seriously, it's frelling February now, it should have sorted itself out.

I'm hoping it's nothing serious. I might give it another month and then go to the doctor just in case.

Also, my kidneys keep twinging in a possibly-about-to-get-infected way, and then it goes away again. Quite annoying, as I wish they'd decide either way so I can get some antibiotics and bloody well sort it out.

7. We still have no internet. Suggestions would be muchly appreciated. Here's how it currently stands, and what we've attempted.

Attempt 1
joetimewaster came over with bits of kit to set us up with a wired network, including:

~ PCI ethernet card for Lisa's PC
~ 15m of flat cable
~ router

We set it all up as it should be set up, and Lisa's PC works just fine in the usual configuration of modem --> router --> PC, as it should do. She is using the short cable. The modem is downstairs in her flat, so that's also where the router is.

We ran the cable all the way upstairs to my PC, and nothing happened. We pinged the router and it timed out constantly. My PC was finding the connection just fine, however, which implies (before anyone says anything) that my crap PC is not the problem. As I keep saying anyway, there's nothing wrong with my computer, it's just slow.

So, next step, we brought the router upstairs and attached it to my PC via a short cable. No problem at all.

We then tried the flat cable downstairs between the router and Lisa's PC (which was previously working fine) and that wouldn't work either. So on that occasion, we figured it was just the cable not working.

Attempt 2
Last night, joetimewaster came over a second time with brand new cable (not flat this time, but the same length) and we tested it firstly on Lisa's PC to see if it worked, rather than trailing it all the way upstairs. No problem. Perfect connectivity, instant response to pinging, all marvellous.

So we hurriedly took it upstairs and plugged it happily into the back of my PC and... well, nothing. The first ping attempt dropped 50% of the packets, the second one 25%, and a continuous ping kept timing out. We untangled cabling, propped the firedoor open at the bottom of the stairs (where it's getting the most bent), tried everything. Still no joy.

We are, quite frankly, stumped.

My thought this morning was that perhaps it's Telewest being an arse. The installation man assured me it could support a home network (and we specifically subscribed to the fast speed for that reason) but I'm going to ring them on Thursday to check that they're offering what they say they're offering.

See, the router has worked perfectly when there's only one PC plugged into it, but it hasn't worked when both have been plugged in, which leads me to think it's either Telewest or the router with the problem. I think the original flat cable was plugged in when we set up Lisa's and it worked, but since that cable didn't work at all I'm discounting that for the moment.

I'm also going to lug my PC downstairs and see if I can get it to connect to the router using a short cable, see if the computers are communicating, etc, in case it's just something as simple as a router problem. I'm also going to try again with installing the Blueyonder software on Lisa's PC (it originally couldn't find the modem) and see if that'll work; it might just be stubborn like AOL.

Annoying, because I wanted to spend Thursday on the internet, not trying to get it to work. There is no reason whatsoever why it shouldn't work, and quite frankly it's just annoying.

Any more suggestions? And don't just say "Get wireless", or you'll get a slap.

I just want the internet, that's all. It's not much. I'm not asking for the world, just the world wide web.

Why does nothing ever work any more? Why is nothing ever bloody simple?

I don't want to have to phone various helpline people on Thursday. That's not my idea of a nice day off work.

Anyway. One nice thing to happen today was that I ran into another Social Worker I know from Ladywood. I like running into Social Workers here; it makes me feel sort of enigmatic.
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