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Back from another swimming session with herringprincess.  Having both taken a week off due to Valentine's Day last week, it seems that whatever step towards recovery my feet took in Week Two has gone away again.  My left foot cramped up within 10 minutes and hurt like a bastard, and to the point where it forced my toes out of alignment.  It's very irritating, as it also effectively stops me swimming until I can relax it enough to move again.

I also nearly drowned in the wave machine again. :(

Each week I am discovering New and Interesting Muscle Areas that I didn't know a) existed or b) could be exercised by swimming.  This week it's my lower back.  My right knee is also whinging, but that's knackered anyway.

My feet need to stop cramping.  I really want to start up trampolining again, and with my feet in their current state it's not going to be possible, as in trampolining they will not only take a lot of impact, but have to be pointed, both of which are currently what causes agonising muscle cramps.  I have hope that with further progress I will not only be fitter, but my various aches, pains and problem areas will start to heal themselves.

Anyway, now I'm exhausted.  With any luck I will sleep straight through tonight.  A lot of other people have been having trouble sleeping of late as well, so I therefore attribute it to the weather being warmer.  Tonight I'm leaving the bedroom window open as a trial.

Woo, woo, internet.  How I'd missed you.  *hugs internet.  kicks infra-red wireless doorbell*

I need a swimming-y icon.
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