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Eyesight and associated grumblings.

To be even remotely blind these days you need to be rich with it. Or under 16. Or a pensioner.

I almost went home earlier because my stomach hurt so much and I felt sick twice in the space of an hour. I had to go and hide in the toilets until it went away... not the best place to hide, but better than my desk. My eyes were also hurting and my head aching. Attributing the latter to needing an eyetest, I took myself off to Specsavers and got some fresh air.

I feel much better now, but I'd forgotten how expensive it was just to have the privilege of being able to bloody well see. I'm keeping my old frames, mostly because they're cool and I've never seen a pair like them since, and only, hence, paying for the test and the new lenses.

£115.95! £16.95 for the test (that was £15 two years ago), £39.00 for the prescription, and £60 for the special thin anti-reflective lenses (it's either that or bottle bottoms). And even though I'd much rather spend that money, as Paul suggested, on a deposit or payment for corrective surgery, I can't even consider that until I'm certain my bloody eyes have stopped changing. They've slowed down (though even the slight change detected today has been causing eye-ache and headaches for a while now) but haven't stopped... and it's a rather pointless endeavour to get expensive laser surgery if they're going to change again straight afterwards and I'm just going to need more bloody glasses...

I mean, come on. I've worn glasses since I was ten. It's getting BORING now. :P

On the plus side, my eyes are apparently very healthy. Which is more than can be said for the rest of me.

I'm going to make a doctor's appointment very shortly. I've had a dodgy stomach for the past three weeks, and I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary. It's getting rather silly now...

PS: In unrelated news, pandorasblog, Nestle Sveltesse also do non-fruit, non-bit yoghurts ("Smoothies"), and in interesting flavours, though they're considerably more expensive than the Ski and Muller ones... Today I have banana and blueberry.

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