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Play Doh Creations.

For herringprincess, mostly:

Porpoises in love.  Or possibly the one outside of the water is dying and the other one is giving it the kiss of life...

From left to right: Punk Bear, Medusa Bear and Bimbo Bear (with cowboy hat...)

Scrabble is obviously far too intellectual for us...

Um, right, weekend so far.  On Friday morning I had three hours of health and safety training at Norfolk House in town, and then went back to work.  I ended up staying there until 4.50 (as opposed to 4.15) as the last tape I picked up was longer than I thought, and I couldn't leave it until Monday as I'm off all next week.  At the very least, with doing 9 hours on Tuesday and staying late both Thursday and Friday, I should've gained enough spare hours to have flex on Friday.  I'm having it anyway. :P

On Friday night I headed out with Paul to see frightened in The Vagina Monologues with some Brum Women's Soc people, which was also attended by Denise, herringprincess, flatline2010 and falling_softly.  The monologues were very good (it doesn't surprise me tha Lorna got the two angry ones :P) and all the money went to a good cause, which makes it even better.

We had a drink in Joe's Bar afterwards (surprisingly empty) and then shared a taxi home with Alison.  We ordered pizza when we got in, as it was too late to cook...  Papa John's is the best pizza place in Kings Heath.  Quite expensive, but well worth the money...

Yesterday we got some bits of shopping (essentials, mostly) and then did nothing for a bit.  At about 3.30 or thereabouts I headed into Birmingham to meet Vicky, as she had come up to Brum with her parents to see Lenny Henry live and they had some time to kill.  We reminisced for an hour or so and then I headed back.

At 6.00 Lloyd and Denise arrived in readiness for going out later for Lisa's birthday.  We played about a quarter of a game of Scrabble and then went downstairs.  The meal was at the Kitchen Garden Cafe, a local organic place hidden in the back of a plant shop, and was VERY nice indeed.  With all ten people there the bill came to about £250, which included a lot of drinks (five bottles of wine, at least), which really wasn't bad...

We bought Lisa a multi-coloured scarf/pashmina thing and a coloured class mobile, which she really liked.  Kings Heath is a marvellous place to buy presents. :)

A selection of us headed back to the house, though I was a bit too tired to join in and just sat in the ambience until about 2.00am, when I decided to go to bed.  Paul had been given a very large vodka and Red Bull by Lisa (who was very pissed and not really thinking how much vodka she was serving) which pretty much killed all of his brain cells at once...  So once he'd followed me upstairs he wanted to go back down, but apparently seemed to want me to go with him... in any case, he put himself to bed and fell straight to sleep after five minutes of moaning at me, so it was probably for the best he didn't try and go back downstairs...

It was a pleasant night, anyway...

This morning has been mostly about doing nothing... though Paul is now cooking in something of a rush, as we need to catch the repeat of Ugly Betty in about 10 minutes, followed by King Kong (all three hours of it) on Sky Movies, and he was meant to do dinner an hour ago.  I don't know, you get what you pay for. :P

Anyway, that ends this post...
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