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Hm, that's quite surprising...

The firmware download yesterday appears to have worked.  I turned my computer on and the internet worked first time, no reboot of the router required.

So far *touches wood* so good, then, I suppose. And another task for the week off in that I need to tack the cable up against the wall.

Didn't get up til noon again today, as I forgot to set my alarm.  However, it's only half past one and I have been quite productive.  At the very least, I went to Lidl for stuff, though I forgot to take the list with me and hence managed to forget most of what I went out for... stocked up on chocolate, juice and frozen stuff, anyway.  I'll have to go out again tomorrow for the rest, though the milk expires today so shouldn't be much of a problem.  I remembered Paul's beer, at least; that's the main thing.  *eye roll*

I think spring has must definitely sprung today, if the temperature is anything to go by.  I'm sitting here with the window open!  Though not for much longer, as the heating goes off at two...

When I've cooled down a bit I'll start trying to sort the bedroom; it's less of a gargantuan task than the hallway.

Tomorrow, I'll get up earlier, get some money out, and go to International Stock, Home Zone, Somerfield, and the halal butcher on the corner, to get the following:

International Stock
~ Superglue.  (I had a grand total of 6p in my purse today, so couldn't get it despite it being right next door to Lidl.)

Home Zone
~ Fuses for the lamps

~ Milk
~ Gravy
~ Salt
~ Olive Oil (should've got this today, as it's MUCH cheaper in Lidl, and probably of a better quality)
~ Pickled onions

Halal Butcher
~ Toilet Roll.  They sell 12 rolls of KittenSoft for £2.99.  I should probably clarify that it's a halal butcher/greengrocer with a mini-market inside...

I realise my shopping list doesn't make for exciting reading, but if I don't write it down somewhere I'll only forget it again...

Anyway, I should probably eat more than a bag of crisps, as I won't get to eat until late tonight...  So I'll sign this off and mess about online for a bit.
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