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MORE stuff.

Firstly, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to falling_softly.  Which of course means today's icon is a pirate, according to tradition.  Or something.

Anyway, despite telling myself I wouldn't do anything remotely energetic today (and I still have to go and get more rubber gloves and that bloody superglue, which can wait until after lunch), I have achieved the following:

1)  Put clean washing upstairs to dry.

2)  Put tablecloth back on table, rearranged chairs in readiness for Sunday.

3)  Sorted through big yellow plastic box and put miscellaneous junk into miscellaneous junk box in attic, jewellery boxes in bedroom, vaguely oriental-inspired boxes into living room, and other bits elsewhere.

4)  Put various bottles for recycling into big empty yellow plastic box.

5)  Moved wooden bookcase to bottom of staircase.

6)  Taken books out of various carrier bags and put onto bookcase in somewhat random fashion, as they won't be staying there indefinitely.

7)  Put other boxes onto bookcase.

8)  Covered bookcase in pretty throw.

9)  Vaccuumed the hallway, which is now clear.

10)  Tidied the living room a bit.

11)  Tidied shelves by computer.

12)  Put recycling paper into bigger box, thus saving space.

And now I'm done.  It looks much better.  We're getting there, at least.  Of course, now the attic stairs are mostly inaccessible without being very careful, but they're less hazardous than they were before, so that's a bonus.

Tomorrow I will relax, hopefully.  On Saturday we need to go Mother's Day shopping... I would try and find a card today, but I only have about £1.50 in my purse...

Anyway, I shall now see if my pasta has finished cooking.  Mmmm, leftover bolognese... :)

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