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Another mad dream.

I'll post the dream under a cut in a bit (can't be bothered to filter).  Bah, it's midday.  I wanted to up before then as well.  Not because I have anything I particularly need to do, just because...

Today I shall make Katie her final Catatonia + compliation CD, though after that I'll do her a copy of my 'Evolution' mix of the singles and B-sides.  I think I have the front cover scanned somewhere, though frell knows how I'm going to adapt it this time.  My CD covers are getting less and less original each time...

Anyway, dream:

I have no idea how it started, really, other than a few residual images.  I think I was some kind of superhero, but in the Super-Mario kind of way rather than the flying, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet way...  I was trying to save some people, I think, and the only bit I really remember involved a large, dark, gothic tower, very Hogwarts-esque - which I've dreamt about before, quite recently...  though I don't remember if I wrote that one down or not.

The bit after that was slightly longer.  I seemed to be at school, and we were doing a play.  In fact, we were doing Phantom of the Opera.  The person playing our Phantom hadn't turned up for rehearsal so someone asked me to step in, except I ended up being a Phantomess, and rather than me pursuing the chorus singer it was the other way around, and he was blond and stocky.  A stereotypical Raoul, really, except he looked a bit Nazi-ish...  I remember being so completely amazed and excited by the prospect of being in this play that I couldn't stop giggling like a loon, and kept asking if they really wanted me to do it.  Someone was saying "You're perfect for this, now stop arguing!"

Afterwards I was at my grandmother's old house in Halesowen and I had a video of what had happened during the day, and I remember absolutely itching to get home and tell my mum what had happened.  At one point I was in the bathroom and was annoyed to discover someone had used bits of my Lush bombs without telling me, so they were all smashed and in bits. :(  But anyway, I was sitting on the floor in the lounge watching the video of the rehearsal, and afterwards I'd decreed that I would lose weight, get my hair permed and be a better person, and I was so happy. about it.

It reached 6.00pm and I was going home, and I think they thought they were giving me a lift, but I wanted to get the bus, because if I was in a car with them I would end up telling them about my day and I was sitting onto it so tightly so I could tell my mum later and she'd be the first to know.  That seemed to be the logic, anyway...  I went to the loo again (needed the toilet in real life - at least it wasn't traumatic this time, although there did appear to be a bookcase in the bathroom...)

As I was leaving I managd to break their porch doors somehow, but I was in such a hurry I had to leave it.  As I was going down the road to get the bus, I realised my uncle was following me, though I have no idea why.  He was so off-putting that I got on the wrong bus, and then had to run to get a 9... On the bus we ended up having a covnersation with a large family which had about 15 children, as it was basically a merging of two families... They lived in a huge house with 8 bedrooms.  Or something.  It was very strange.

It was at that point that I woke up.  The feeling of total excitement and anticipation at telling someone lingered a little into consciousness, which is why I had to write it down, but it's just a shame I couldn't remember more of it, really...
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