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Testing waters...

This is just a quick one to find out who might be interested.

I haven't been to a theme park in aaaaages. There are two new rides at Alton Towers I haven't been on, and a new one at Drayton Manor. Ordinarily I would go with Vicky (from Uni) but since she discovered musicals she's always in London for one thing or another and doesn't have free time.

I would go with Paul, but he's a big wuss and won't go on the rides. In which case, it's a bit pointless.

So I'm looking for someone living in Birmingham (though not necessarily) who likes rollercoasters, and can stand to spend a day with me. (I realise this last criteria may put a few people off. :P)

I would be looking to go mid-week in either May or September, whilst the kids are in school and the weather is mostly clement. It's also cheaper then, and the queues are shorter, etc...

If you would be interested, please leave me a comment on this entry.

Alton Towers would be the more expensive trip of the two (I'd like to do both, though not immediately after each other), but you get a lot more for your money so it's worth it. The cheapest option is probaby this:

Train from Birmingham New Street to Derby (45 mins) - approximately £15.

Special Chiltern Trains Alton Towers offer, including train to Uttoxeter, bus from Uttoxeter to the park, and entrance fee - about £35 or thereabouts.

Plus money for food. Works out to £50 plus expenses. I think the entrace fee alone is about £30 these days, so the special Derby offer makes it a lot easier, and you're not restricted on the time you go by, for example, the annoying TWM services that only run in the school holidays, or similar coach deals.

As for Drayton Manor, it works out much the same:

Train to Tamworth - probably about £12

Taxi to park - £6

Entrance fee - £20ish, maybe less.

Obviously, in both of these cases, once you get in the only extra expense is your food. I advise taking sandwiches. ;)

Of course, I need to check the websites for Alton Towers, Drayton Manor and also Chiltern trains, to clarify those prices, as they've probably gone up since the last time I went (about two years ago). I'll do an addendum once I have (if only so I don't forget or lose the details) and depending on interest.

So, who's up for a theme park?

(Failing any of you lot, I'll offer to take Paul's niece and nephew off their parents' hands for a day. Lord knows I could do with some practice at responsibility... :P)

In other news, I have caught the dreaded lurgy. I blame the weather. My body doesn't cope well with extreme changes in temperature, and subsequently I feel rather like I've been punched in the chest... However, Alastair has donated half a packet of Lockets and that'll have to do for now. I probably shouldn't go swimming tonight, but I was making good progress last week with regards to my feet not cramping, and a week off will take me back to square one...
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