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Today is going to be a long day...

...and I'm not even sure if I'm going to choir yet. Today might not even be long in the sense of time, just irritating. And it's only 9.30.

Before the moan, though...

The weekend was nice. On Friday my grandmother and uncle came over and we (or rather Paul) cooked them a roast pork dinner. Robin wolfed his down in seconds, but my grandmother was rather subdued about it as she doesn't tend to eat much... She seemed a little overwhelmed by the size of the flat, I think. It was a pleasant evening, anyway, and not as aggravating as I was anticipating...

On Saturday we went to the cinema to see Norbit. I know, shut up. What can I say, I'm amused by Eddie Murphy in a fat suit, and I do like 'cultural' humour, if you can call it that. It wasn't as bad as it probably could've been. Not exactly an Oscar-worthy masterpiece, but it killed a couple of hours, and it was more than worth it for seeing the trailer for PotC:AWE on a larger scale. (Er, the next paragraph has spoilers if you haven't seen the trailer or the second movie, so I'd skip it if I were you.)

Talking of Pirates 3: duuuuuuuude. It looks frelling amazing. I'm sosososo glad that Bill Nighy is reprising the role of Davey Jones - though, honestly, I did think he was rather too large a character to be confined to one movie - and that Tia Dalma is in it, and I'm sososososoSO pleased to see Geoffrey Rush back as Barbossa. He was incredibly underrated in the first film, IMHO. Also muchly amused by Orlando Bloom STILL being upstaged by everyone around him. :D

Anyway, yeah. As a result of seeing Norbit I had a dream about Eddie Murphy's Rasputia character on Saturday night, which I will post about in a filtered post along with a few other strange dreams... (Note to self: Rasputia, Eni, Netherton, trampoline.)

Before the cinema we also went to Sports Cafe, who have now realised that people tend to play more than, say, two games of pool, and started selling 1-hour tokens for a fiver. Which essentially works out cheaper than somewhere like Riley's, but Riley's has better tables so I guess it works out about even, all things considered. Plus Rileys does better/cheaper drinks.

On the way back from the cinema we bizarrely ran into my mum and David, who were waiting for a bus on Broad Street having taken David's parents for a meal at the Brasshouse. So we took them to the Figure of Eight for a drink, where we stayed for a bit afterwards, before going home and ordering pizza. We watched the 100 Most Annoying Popsongs on BBC3 - well, the first 50 of them, anyway. No sign of part 2 as yet, so I presume that's on next week...

On Sunday we didn't do anything. Paul got it into his head to try and find an old Amiga game from his childhood, which led us, appropriately enough, to Abandonia, a site full of Abandonware games to download. They have, excitingly, Day of the Tentacle, though it's only to buy, and I suspect it'll have the same problems as my actual CD-ROM version did with not being able to play the sound. So Paul got a hold of Battletech: Crescent Hawk's Inception and I downloaded Micro Machines, the same version as on my Sega Master System II...

Paul subsequently spent about six hours playing said game, whilst I watched television. I started with the EastEnders omnibus, and then left BB1 on for the rest of the evening. First was one of those Sunday-evening children's dramas, The Baker Street Irregulars, wherein Jonathan Pryce plays a rather angst-ridden Sherlock Holmes and several loveable Cockney street children are kidnapped. It also includes a Chinese girl pretending to be a boy, for no apparent reason. Quite entertaining, though.

After that was the three-artists-painting-a-celebrity thing, with Rolf Harris. They were painting Barbara Windsor. I liked all three portraits, personally.

After that was Play It Again, wherein celebrities learn to play an instrument they've always wanted to play. It was Jo Brand, learning to play a pipe organ, resulting in her final challenge of playing a piece of Bach at the Royal Albert Hall for a Christmas concert. Given that she had some rusty schoolgirl piano skills and four months to learn multiple keyboards, pedals and stops, I think she did rather well. The Metro slated it, of course, but they don't understand; I really enjoyed it, especially the final result. You could really sense her nervousness and joy when she finished it to rapturous applause...

Now that I have my keyboard, I need to remember where I put the adapter and the headphone converter socket... Stuff like this makes me want to play again, and I'm probably VERY rusty.

After that was a show on BBC3 about a 17-year-old transsexual desperate for surgery, which wasn't as voyeuristic as it sounds. And then the end of a Bodyshock repeat on E4 about chidlren with progeria.

And then, finally, I went to bed.

The clocks going forward seems to have completely frelled with my body clock, for some reason. Maybe it's waking up in the mid-dark again or something, but I was exhausted yesterday and this morning I nearly didn't make it into work at all. I woke up with a headache and was falling asleep on the bus - even went so far as to buy mocha from Pret A Manger in a vain attempt to at least try and be human this morning. I need to get more hot chocolate so I can go back to making my own mocha...

My headache seems to have gone, and the caffeine has at least woken me up a little bit. I should ordinarily stay until 6.00 tonight for choir, but seeing as the majority of my work has now gone, and I have a cough that singing will most likely aggravate, I may not bother.

Here's the situation. There was one piece of work in my tray when I left last night, and then eight more came in for me to book in this morning.

One of them was a 1.25 tape dictation, and one was a 2.5 tape dictation, both of which would've kept me going for at least three hours today. Unfortunately, it looks like both of the other teams have completely run out of work. Since I've been on my own, Val has been helping out as the 'floating' typist, except mostly I've not needed the help due to staying late or, y'know, being able to cope.

I keep forgetting that here, a tray with eight pieces of dictation in it is considered a lot of work. Considering what I came from before - especially that three-week backlog - it's nothing. Hence my constant whinging that the CP Typist job is worth so much more than a bloody Scale 2, not necessarily in terms of what you have to do (unless you work with Sandra, of course) but HOW MUCh you have to do.

Anyway, Val came up a few minutes ago to check the trays and was very very concerned because everything in my tray was from last night - er, yes. From about 5.45 last night, when most self-respecting typists would have already left anyway. I was hoping that the team next door would have a bigger backlog than that so that Val could help them instead, but apparently all they had this morning was an amendment, so back she came.

More fool me for taking the top piece of work in our tray, then, as I didn't expect her to come back. The next one was the 1.25-tape. Val took that to 'help'.

Fair enough. I did the one I'd taken, and then Liz (from downstairs) also came up looking for work. I presume they've run out. Anyway, either I'd put them back into the tray in the wrong order, or she just decided to kill time with a longer piece of work, but whatever the reason she decided to go for the 2.5-tape dictation rather than the quarter-tape one that was actually next in the pile. We book stuff in the order it comes in for a REASON.

Given that when I first started I would constantly get reminded to only take one tape, only take the next one, do stuff in order, etc, etc, it seems quite rich that they break the rules they were instilling into me.

It's mostly annoying because this is a relatively and mostly stress-free job, so little things like this are irritating. And thanks to the Single Status meeting that our manager had to attend, our one-to-ones were postponed until March, with our PDR reviews.

Thanks for that. The end result of this is that a) I'm going to run out of work by lunchtime, as all that's left are shorter tapes, and b) I'm quite irritated, and most likely will be for the rest of the day.

At least the long tapes will keep the slowpokes away from here for the best part of a day.

I dread Tuesdays at the best of times, because we never seem to have any work to keep me going through the day, and it's worse when there's both of us in. But really, it's not helped when people take stuff they're not supposed to.

Hence writing an LJ entry between paragraphs of my typing.

Anyway. Enough whinging. Even though I'd much rather be busy than have no work, so this stuff is annoying, it's still infinitely better than working with the Bitch Queen from Hezmana, and at least every other entry of my LJ isn't a whinge about her. :) I read back on those whinges a few weeks ago, actually, and was amazed I'd stood for it as long as I did. Her behaviour, in retrospect, was utterly appalling, but I think I mostly too stunned by her petty childishness to do anything about it. It's just not the behaviour you expect of an adult in a professional workplace, and that's probably why she got away with it.

In other news, I am currently weighing in at 10st and 6/7lb or thereabouts. Still overweight for my height. However, on the plus side, I can tell that the swimming is good for my arms, as they look discernibly slimmer and I can just about see muscles now under the flab, which is progress.

I'm hoping to get my bike back in time for the warmer weather, and my plan is to attempt to do some cycling as soon as I get in from work, and at weekends, as there is a perfectly suitable park only a ten minute walk away for this purpose. I'll probably start with just the weekends, though, as whenever I haven't ridden my bike for a while I can't move afterwards. I remember trying to ride it to Uni a couple of times in my first year, but the majority of the time it lived in the bike shed...

It's a shame, becuase I used to really enjoy bike-riding when my dad and I went along the canals in Netherton. I never wanted to ride it around my mum's house because of the local chav kids and because the nearest place was up a large hill... I always intended to ride it in the summer, and it never happened. So I'm determined to change that.

And then, I will kill two birds with one stone and cycle to swimming. :D I will GET FIT and LOSE WEIGHT if it kills me.

And I shall now sign this off.

ETA: Well, as we're doing Hymn to St Cecilia and the Bruckner Motets, I may go to choir after all. It's too pretty to resist. I'll just have to block out the annoying people.
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