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New icon!

There's a story behind it.  If the die-hard Little Britain fans are trying to place the quote and failing, that's because (AFAIK) it's not from Little Britain.

It's actually from the Wellington.  One of Asa's replacement hostesses said it in response to Gobby Paul being a bitch.  And naturally, I had to make it into an icon. :D

I need to get back into the habit of icon-making.  I saved an entire X-Files screencap site to my favourites over a year ago with the intention of iconising, and I could definitely now make better Moulin Rouge and Farscape.  My next two icons were going to be Jerry Springer: The Opera and The Mighty Boosh, (only a vague idea for both, and possibly a weird combination of the two...), but then, my next layout was going to be Charlie & the Choclate Factory and Labyrinth and Nightmare Before Christmas and... yeah, you get the idea.

Anyway.  ICON!

I will do requests if anyone has another fandom the quote would fit... just give me a photo or a helpful link.
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