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Entry written at work.

Under the cut.  Today was HELLISHLY boring.

I apologise for the shambolic and rambling nature of this post, but... well, I was bored.

(9.33)  It looks like today is going to be another slow day.  As it's now the school Easter holidays there's hardly anyone in and hence there'll hardly be any work - the long-tape fee earners are all out by the look of it...

One good thing is there's no choir rehearsal next week, so at least I won't be exhausted when I'm back in work on Tuesday and can leave at a reasonable time for a change.  The one bad thing about staying late on Tuesday is a lot of work tends to come in after 5.15 (we should really have people doing 'shifts') and when I'm late and doing it, it means there's then less on Wednesday morning...

A few random people appear to be dressed down today for no reason...

This morning I emailed the Legal Newletter team to ask if I could advertise the May CBC concert in there, and then later sent them something vaguely article-esque that they can put in there.  They suggested I should do a post-concert write-up for the next edition.  Which I may well do, so I can plug the next concert in Tewksebury Abbey...

Currently all three Legal Assistants are phoning every set of Chambers in Birmingham to find someone to cover a hearing this morning... ah, this brings back memories of CP when our Chairs went AWOL...

Them Downstairs have taken our work again.  There's now one thing in the tray.  Well, I suppose I could work on my PDR as it's due in about 2 weeks...

Last night at rehearsal, Adrian (the conductor) decided to make the first sopranos sing a particular line row by row to find out where the problem area was... and embarrassingly, it was our row.  Possibly my fault due to not being able to sing properly yesterday, but yeah, hopefully we'll manage to sing that bit in tune when it comes down to it.

(12.00)  Apparently there is food downstairs so I might go and have a look in a bit, seeing as someone couldn't be bothered to make sandwiches last night. :P  It'll save me having to buy any lunch, at least.

Noor has gone home sick so there goes my early leaving tonight, although as its quiet I might try and get away at 4.45 or something.

(1.29)  Didn't check for food, in the end.  An urgent came in off Ian that he needed done in half an hour, and it came in four little tapes with 1-2 minutes on each one.  Only just got it done in time and my hands hurt afterwards, so I went for a walk... not sure of the logic behind that, but my hands no longer hurt...  My lunch also cost exactly £3.00.  Woo.

Yesterday, during a lull in the work, I discovered an actual use for a macro in word.  Our memo templates are annoying.  They're meant to print automatically onto white paper, but for some reason they're set up wrong and always print on letter headed.  You can't just change the print tray in the print command, either, you have to go all the way into page setup and change it there.  So in order to cut out this time consuming and annoying process, I set up a macro that makes pressing Alt+1 automatically change the page setup.  Go me.

And just now whilst messing with the toolbar to put a button on there for it (for when I'm too lazy to press Alt+1, obviously... :P) I discovered the funky things you can do to toolbar buttons, including creating your own.  Things like this turn me into a total MSWordgeek...

Anyway. I suppose I'd better do some work...

I left at 4.45 in the end, as there was no work forthcoming.  Marie emailed around all the fee earners to ask if they had anything the WPOs could do, which prompted Bernie to ask me what sort of things she meant, to which I replied, "Er... photocopying?"

I have a rather nice pasta creation for my instant tea (Paul is out with old friends so I don't have to cook actual food) containing lamb in ragu sauce with broccoli and shell pasta. I could very easily create this one myself, since we bought an instant pasta sauce (and more importantly, some tomato puree) on Saturday, and always have broccoli lying around.  Also, the huge (as in, three times the size of my head) bag of pasta I bought when we moved in is still going strong... that's a lot of pasta.

Swimming later, woo.  And then one more day of work before the long weekend... :)

In adding lots of random people-I-actually-know to my FaceBook profile thinger, I am quite amused by the 'connections' they ask you to make to the person.  'We went to school together' somehow doesn't seem adequate enough to cover 'and spoke on MSN for years', just as 'Met through a friend' doesn't quite cover 'squeed at various people in Blackpool"...  In any case, I blame Crystal for adding me in the first place. :)

Anyway.  I must finish my tea and finish packing for swimming and sort my bag out and make lunch for tomorrow, and not spend the next hour and three-quarters online.  No.  That would be bad.
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